Atif Aslam, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Fawad Khan, Ali Zafar, Mahira Khan, Humaima Malick, Veena Malik; These are just a few of the contemporary Pakistani artists who owe their success to Bollywood. If we go back in time, the list of those Pakistani actors and singers who came to India and became famous is never ending.

So, these talented Pakistanis find a suitable environment in India. They find exposure, scope, and money in India, and above all, they find complete acceptance and affection in India. Are they grateful?


Or maybe they are grateful only until they are not being asked to show some gratitude towards our country.

MNS had asked all the Pakistani actors, and rightfully so, to condemn the Uri attacks. They were to criticize such terrorist acts without even explicitly mentioning Pakistan’s name. But apparently, none of the artists had the courage to give a statement of condolence, let alone criticize their native country. I call it outrageous audacity at its best!

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There are many ways in which an enemy country can be warned and since our dear neighbour, Pakistan lacks basic comprehension we should send all the warnings that we possibly can and in all the languages that we know. When it comes to international politics, national interest holds supreme importance. And since we would prefer not to confront our enemy militarily all the time, hence, some soft indirect actions against the foe are always helpful. It isn’t about whether it is fair to make Pakistani artists pay for a terrorist attack, but the basic underlying point is that Pakistan undauntedly has been offending our territories and our soldiers are losing their lives for no good reason and that someone has to pay.

As far as Salman Khan backing Pakistani actors is concerned, his affection for Pakistan stems from his business interest as rightly put by Raj Thackeray. Moreover, for christ’s sake let’s not listen to murderers.

Although it is difficult to swear by Adnan Sami’s loyalty towards India but his take on the surgical attacks conducted by India was surprisingly different from other actors of Pakistani origin.


Here are some of the reactions to his tweet:


To which Sami responded:

Parikshit Sahni, television and film actor who has his roots in Pakistan’s Rawalpindi, also shared his views on the matter, while addressing students of Rajasthan College.


“So when a neighbouring country attacks your people, it is legitimate to express your anger against them. The demand of Bollywood artists to ban Pakistani actors is not wrong; it is our way of showing displeasure. As artists, we admire and get inspired by each other’s work but we have been pushed to such extent that we cannot help but take a stern step.”


Nana Patekar was asked by the media to give his reaction to the ban of Pakistani actors and this is what he said:

“Country always comes first. Artists and their thoughts on such issues are trivial. The real heroes are the jawans battling on field.”

Times are difficult and India as a country should stand unified on all fronts. When it comes to war-like situations, it isn’t about justice to all but primarily and predominantly justice to one’s own nation. Be reminded of the fact that those Pakistani figures were given a chance to pay us off, that too in the most modest of ways, but they refused and they sure as hell deserve to be thrown out of the nation. India has a very big heart and has space for everyone but not for just anyone.

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