“Once upon a time there lived a girl named Melody. Her calendar was always packed with concert dates. Her friends knew that if they wanted to find out about a musical event, she was the person to go to. Melody was jolly and lived a happier life than most people around her.”

Science validates this story. 😀
According to a study at Victoria’s Deakin University, people who frequented any sort of communal musical experience are more likely to live a happy and content life.

The research also specifies that the communal aspect is important for the social well being. For people who listened to music alone, this effect isn’t the same.

This effect doesn’t hold true for those who make music, though. Oddly enough, those who make music tend to live shorter lives .

So, if you haven’t been all that gay lately, you could try attending concerts, who knows!


BTW, rumors are that Coldplay is coming to India soon and now you have one more reason to consider attending it.

For “concerts are healthy” ;D

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