We are living in an insanely globalized world, and on some level, it makes all of our lives somewhat identical. Here are the five most basic components that constitute most of our’s daily life:

1. A constant Desire to Run Away

Run away

And haven’t we all felt like escaping our realities once in a while?! We feel a sudden upsurge of despise towards our surroundings and the people we deal with on a daily basis. We can’t help but think that life exists somewhere out there, anywhere but here.

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But, due to lack of means or burden of responsibilities, we keep pushing this urge aside. While it is true that we cannot always escape our immediate realities, but once in a blue moon we should attempt to give ourselves what we think we need. They say our heart is stupid, but the fact is that although our heart isn’t as logical as our brain but at least it is honest, and it reflects our true desires.

It is better to take a break and then resume your works afresh rather than feeling unsatisfied all the time and ultimately ending up hating your job forever.

2. Existential Crisis

Existential crisis

This phenomenon occurs more often in the contemporary times than in history. This might be due to the mechanical nature of our lives. We tend to over-analyze the meaning of our lives in a more metaphysical context. We are unable to attach sense and substance to the relations we are involved in or to the work we do.

It is okay and even necessary to introspect one’s life. But we cannot engage in such a heavy process every now and then as it consumes a lot of energy and keeps us from doing other things.

We need to choose a certain way according to which we need to live our lives. Obviously, that certain way should appeal us, and we should know exactly why we chose that way. This could be a life-changing decision, and we should take a substantial amount of time to make up our minds. But we cannot skip our responsibilities now and then by falling into the pit of nothingness because that would be lame.

We are allowed to crack down occasionally, but at other times, we need to have our shit together! 

3. Nostalgia


Life changed, and so did people. You are still drawn back to the times when things were different, maybe even nicer. But the series of events that changed your life carry many important lessons. You are wiser and mature now.

Most of the times you just miss those memories though you might not be willing to go back. But if you think you can and must recreate something from the past, you very well should. Although, if you find your past impossible in the future, then keep track of the amount of time you are spending on being nostalgic.

For life is too short to live but too long for procrastination.

4. Ungrateful

i don't care

We live in a cruel world where people are killing each other on trivial issues. It has become so difficult to trust someone, and there is always that fear brooding inside us that others will take advantage of our goodness. This is genuinely a frustrating state of affairs, but it should certainly not lead us into losing our inherent righteousness.

All we need to do is be aware and observant for wicked beings willing to rob us of our good virtues.

It is perfectly fine to fall into traps and trust the wrong people because that would ultimately help us guard ourselves against similar situations.

5. Unloved

nobody loves me

No matter if half of the world is madly in love with us, once in a while all of us have found ourselves thinking that no one loves us. They say that we don’t need others, that we can love ourselves. But that is unlike humans. Humans do need each other. Love is something we give to others and receive from others. No doubt one has to love oneself, but one isn’t enough for oneself.

During such times of crisis, you need to find new sources of love or even ask people to show them that they care. If love isn’t knocking on your door, you need to go out and seek it. Asking people to show them that they love you isn’t crazy at all.

We live in such a noisy world, everyone’s mind is a hotchpotch of vibrations, and in order to be heard, you need to scream on top of your voice.


So, how do we deal with all of these? Well, there is no fixed way. Just know and understand that there are million other people feeling the same way as you are.

Teaching_Empathy life tomatoheart

No one, in fact, has their shit together. It is just that some people are better than us when it comes to pretending.

Taking breaks and disappearing is okay until you are willing to come back and try harder.

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