Tanishq Bows Down To The Women Who Slay In This Powerful New Ad

Tanishq in it’s latest advertisement portrays the image and mentality of all the confident woman out there. Women whose goal is to reach the pinnacle of success don’t give a darn about the regressive attitudes of their fellow colleagues or family members. They do what they do best. They slay!

Women with gold are the women of gold. They succeed because they work hard, and if you think otherwise then, well,  you don’t exist ?.

She got a promotion and you better be happy about it!

She handles both home and office, and you better respect her for that.

She wears what she feels like, and who are you to mind?

Business trips to multiple cities, night bars and discs,

Well, it is her cup of tea!

And she sips it without a care in the world.

She cracks dirty jokes

And maybe she does it better than you ;).

Yes, she will soon be on a maternity leave, but be assured of her return.

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