Ever wondered how our celebrities  look like fairies all the time? But sooner or later we realize that in this unreal world, its because of  some sort of  Plastic/Cosmetic surgery. With the application of science and technology in medicine, it’s no longer impossible to look the way you want.


There are ample procedures available to make you appear the way you want. Rhinoplasty -nose job ,liposuction – fat removal,botox, face lift, chest reduction ,dermabrasion -face smoothening etc.

The field of cosmetic surgery has undergone significant technological changes which include the use of the laser for facial cosmetic surgery with less invasive techniques.

The cosmetic surgery trend was brought  up by the celebrities as there are many of them who went under the knife to look beautiful may it be Hollywood or Bollywood.

Here we bring you  a list of some famous stars who went under the knife for that  gorgeous look 

1Kim Kardashian

2Taylor Swift


3Kylie Jenner


4Shilpa Shetty


5Aishwarya Rai


6Kareena Kapoor Khan


7Anushka Sharma


8Sri Devi


9Tom Cruise


10Miley Cyrus


11 Megan Fox


12Jennifer Aniston

13Cristiano Ronaldo


14Gauhar Khan


15Kangana Ranaut


16Minissha Lamba


17Priyanka Chopra


18Sonam Kapoor

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