No matter whether you have watched “Game of Thrones” TV Series or not. Even if you are a music fan. You are going to love this. Just on the same day when the sixth season of Game Of Thrones begins airing across the world, yet another unique version of this TV show’s popular theme music has hit the interwebs and this time it’s from India. Karan Chitra Deshmukh, a Mumbai-based percussionist, has uploaded a video of himself  on YouTube as well as his facebook page, playing this iconic theme song, originally composed by Ramin Djawadi, on a set of 10  tablas that have been tuned to different notes.

Tabla Cover of Game of Thrones- Tomatoheart

Image Source: YouTube Video

Karan Chitra Deshmukh has used nine dayans (the main drum, usually played by one’s dominant hand) and one bayan (the low-pitched drum). In fact, he uses a version called ” tabla tarang ” and as we can see, he played this familiar theme really well, without missing a beat. Before going any further, let’s watch this video first:

This video is trending on Facebook for last two days. The official uploaded video on his own Facebook profile has been watched 285 thousand times and shared almost 6ooo times till now. Here is what Karan has written on his Facebook page while publishing the video:

“All you Game of Thrones fans!!!! Here’s a treat for you … Played the Game of Thrones theme song on an indian instrument called Tabla. ENJOYYY smile emoticon What else would you want to listen to ??? comment , like this page, write to me at”

So, if you really liked his work and want to contact him, you may do that using his email mentioned above.

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