Hi my baby girl,

How are you, darling? I hope you never have to read this, but in case I am not there with you, you know how your mom will guide you in spite of not being there.

Are you also an emotional fool like your mom? Do you also drool over cute romantic movies and cry on dreamy novels? Are you also scared of dogs? Are you also somebody who lives in the fantasy world? I am probably asking too many questions.

We live in a world where there is absolutely no respect for women. They are people who will mock you, body shame you, call weird names and would want you to be perfect. There will be people who would treat you like a pile of shit and still expect you to be good with them. There are going to be people who question you, judge you, or are upset with your choices. But you don’t need everybody’s approval. Live life your way so that later you don’t have to regret it owing to somebody else. This is something nobody has ever told you or ever will.

This is a small list of the facts, I would want you to know. You have probably heard all these numerous times. But when it is coming from your mom, it will mean something and will be unbiased.

1You are beautiful

No matter what size you are or what color you are, you are beautiful for the ones who love you. I don’t care if you are black or underweight, I will still love you endlessly.

2You don’t have to do what everyone else is doing

Be irreplaceable. You are unique my love. You don’t always have to imitate your friends. Although this might seem to be very tough at this point of time but then this will help you maintain your composure.

Ideas might be being forced on you or you might be imposing them on yourself. This is your life, don’t fake it. Decide what you want to do and be happy about it.
Be yourself

3It is not essential to have a relationship to feel complete

Drooled over that cute guy at the lecture and messed up your studies because of him? No!! Please don’t do that. You might end up regretting it sooner or later. Boys might come and go. So what if all your friends are committed!! Single life is the best.


4It is okay to cry


Yes, honey! It is okay that you want all those tears to come out. Crying is something that relieves all the toxins from your body apart from making you stabilize your emotions.

5 It’s not the number of friends that matter. It’s the quality of friends.

You will come across various sort of people. They will either constitute a paragraph in your story or a whole chapter. But then you will have to distinguish between the two. You will spend the most incredible time with your girls. From shopping splurges to night stays, you will cherish all these moments these later. Make the most of it and don’t forget to make loads of memories.

Always remember: A girl can survive without a boyfriend, but not without her best friend.

6A Family is not defined by who is related by blood to you.

It is the defined by the people who sincerely love and care for you unconditionally. Your family can include your pets, friends or even your teacher.

7Read, Read and Read

Read as much as you can. Not only will the reading help develop your vocabulary; it will also help you to know more about the world. It will widen your perspective. And you will always have a friend.

8Don’t let failure stop you

“I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed”. -Michael Jordan

Failure is a part and parcel of life; if you don’t fail you don’t learn. Failure is not opposite of success, it’s actually a measure of it.

9Pursue your dreams.

Don’t let anyone tell you they are not worth it. Life is very small and if you can’t dare to dream then you can’t do it.

Every successful person has pursued his passion going against all odds. If you follow something you love, work will feel like a holiday and you will never be tensed.

10True beauty comes from inside

Mirror Mirror on the wall… who is the fairest of the all?

No! Get this rumored belief out from your system. You don’t need to be fair to be pretty. An attractive face will get wrinkled, that incredible body will grow old, and the thing that won’t change is your heart, your ethics, your morals. Protect them. Instead of smearing layers of makeup to hide those scars, try improving yourself from within.

11Hit, if necessary


If someone touches you inappropriately and without your permission, hit them. You have my permission.

If me and daddy are not there, hit him/her yourself. Be strong and stand up against what’s wrong.

12Pamper yourself

Like a dress or a shoe? Buy it!! It’s ok to spend on yourself. You don’t want to end up regretting not eating that bowl of pasta or not splurging on that dress. Buy the best shoes, drink coffee, have wine, eat that whole chocolate, get that massage, use good dishes, light that candle, get that hair spa done. There is no point in keeping these things just for other people. Indulge in them yourself and treat yourself well.

13Say Fuck off when needed


Say it with your eyes or by your actions if you don’t want to say it out loud. Say it however you want but then just make sure you say it. Say it if someone disrespects you or touches you without your permission or treats you badly. Make sure the individual you are saying it to hears you loud and clear.

14Don’t trust every individual

Learn to judge people. Don’t trust very easily and utter all your secrets out to someone. See if that person is worth your trust. Or you might end up hurt real bad.

15Travel as much as you can

I really hope you love traveling as much as me. Yes, travel as much as you can. Not only will you see new places but you will have an extra advantage over others as you would have picked up amazing stories and lessons on your way.

Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.

16Forgive and forget

Forgive not for them, but for your inner peace. Life is too short to keep grudges. Forgive and forget not revenge and regret.

17 Take charge for your actions and say sorry when you’re in the wrong.


Yes, it is okay to apologize when you are wrong but not when somebody wants you to.

18Never give up

We all have those days when we want to quit and sneak under those covers and hide from the cruel world. We all do…But, you shouldn’t….You have to get up, get dressed and try again.

19Live in the moment


Don’t keep crying about the past, or fantasizing about the future. You miss out on a lot when you try to control everything. Everything will happen at its own pace. There is no point stressing over it. Stop trying to plan everything out.

20Have fun


Laugh. Be creative. Be silly. Play and Have fun. These are those traits that will help you learn new skills and explore the world. Find the fun in everything.

21You are enough, just the way you are.

Some of these lessons might only make sense to you after learning it the hard way. Life is not a bed of roses and will never be.  I have found that when you feel low or when life isn’t as you expect it to be, it is best to put on your favorite dress, listen to some kickass music, and handle it with a smile on your face.

And Lastly, Believe in God.

Lots of Love,


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