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You must be wondering about the name of the page…Aren’t you?

Let me clear all your doubts.

We, at TomatoHeart, are all saucy souls. Aren’t you intrigued by the inspiring stories of amazing people, astonishing facts, cool startups, thought-provoking opinions, technological advancements, Celebs news and funny videos? Then you are a saucy soul as well.



As we said earlier, we only prefer things that are creative, entertaining, animated, playful, bold and amusingly cheeky or forward.

“We just can’t tolerate dark, dumb, uninteresting or pointless stuff even if it’s trending or making news out there on other “hot shot websites”.

We keep our eyes and brain wide open to find out the up-to-date and the most vivid & mind-blowing trending, Ironic, Humorous, Bizarre, inspiring, arousing, enriching and amusing stories, news, love stories and videos for you from Political, Social, Celeb, Sports and Geek world.Tomatoheart Logo for Facebook Insta-690-132


We make that dreary and gloomy news interesting by adding amazing gifs and memorable images.

We believe in serving the variety of our readers. We cater to the desires of the wanderer and explorers, the food lovers, the cupid-struck souls, the chatter boxers and the fashionistas in our diverse sections.

Wondering why you should choose us ?

There’s a lot of content on the Internet, but finding worth reading content can be a tedious task. In case you want something to read that suits your tastes, you are at the perfect place, my friend 🙂


Do you want to hear some good news?

We cover stories that actually matter to “Mango People” and which are often ignored by the mainstream media.

We always listen that blogs with unique and worth reading content will sustain in the long run even after going through obstacles in the initial stages.

So here we are, be ready to Saucy soul. Be ready to change the world’s viewpoint of good share-worthy content.


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