Paul Coelho’s Alchemist has taught us one thing, which is to follow your heart and chase your dreams. For that, one needs to identify their passion and follow the right path without any inhibitions whatsoever. It’s not an easy journey to make, but the end results are sure to make you content if not anything else.

One should be able to do what he/she wants to do and not because it is expected of you. As a new age professional, you have to understand that your customer’s needs are constantly changing. And your competitors are leaving no stone unturned to innovate the next big thing every day. So, you should be on your toes to bring something new to the table in order to be taken seriously by the people around you.

With that in mind, consider the following 10 kickass entrepreneurial tips as you create your strategy in 2016:
Tip#1 Set realistic goals

One should think big, but remain practical at the Sametime. Make a long-time goal with certain small tasks which could be assessed in a reasonable amount of time frame and make sure these are the ones’ which can be achieved.

inspiring speech focussing on realistic goals


Tip#2 Find the X-Factor in you

In order to make it to the top with the growing competition, it’s only fair if the idea that stands out is the one to reach that level. You just need to look for that uniqueness in your plan which sets you apart from the crowd.

Inspiring speech to find the x-factor in you


Tip#3 Sell your brand

Marketing plays a crucial role in moving up the brand. Identify the target audience and work out things in an orderly fashion. Hire interns(unpaid ,if it has still not found its niche yet) and build connections with other startups which could share your startup story. Make a YouTube channel or be highly active on social media to constantly be around to be in people’s minds forever.

Inspiring speech to know marketing strategies


Tip#4  Networking

With the“right”network at hand, you are ready to begin putting all your plans into action. If they are experts in the field you’re pursuing, you could learn, get inspired, observe them and try to be a part of that inner circle where you there’s a sea of opportunities laid out for you.

Inspiring speech regarding ht to enhance your networking


Tip#5 Be Open to changes

If you have to avoid becoming obsolete, you must consistently offer variations in the things you offer because if you won’t evolve with time, you would fade in no time. Be patient and make backup plans, strategies for the times when things go wrong.

Inspiring steech on how to be open to change


Tip#6 Correct implementation

Everyone makes exceptional plans ,but there are only a few whose stories involve the right execution at the right time. It’s essential to not only devise a strategy but also implement the necessary steps to make the vision into a reality.

Inspiring speech for success


Tip#7 Dress accordingly

You have to be the whole package if you’re aiming high.  So, for that,  it is important to make a good first impression with your presentable look. Golden rule-It’s always better to be overdressed than underdressed when comes to matters like these. One should know the requirements and carry yourself with the right attitude.

Tips to dress accordingly


Tip#8 Ask questions
Nobody expects a new professional to know everything on their first day. You will find that there are many aspects to a having your own company that you will not be familiar with unless you’re an experienced one. It is advisable for the beginners to ask their mentors about these important issues in the first few days of the work, and never shy away from admitting that you don’t know something.Tips to be open to asking questionsTip#9 Read and watch something different every day

Newspapers, books, magazines, social media, blogs, TV shows, documentaries and end credits of movies- the list for gaining knowledge and inspiration goes on and on. To stay updated with everything happening around you, keep those regular doses of content coming . Whether it’s an article on facebook or a blog post, a phone call with a friend or a random conversation with an unknown, you will never fall short of ways to fulfill your hunger for the food for the soul.

Tips to make your day count
Tip#10 You must know when to stop.

An entrepreneur always knows when to put a full stop in writing and in conversations. And if things do not work out as you’d hoped and quitting seems the most viable option for the company and the team, you shouldn’t be afraid of backing out. If your idea doesn’t pan out, it’s best to walk away and learn from your mistakes and be courageous enough to try until you succeed. Because a true professional will most certainly come out victorious even doomed times.

Tips to overcome fear

To sum up, work hard and enjoy while you’re here struggling. Celebrate each little success with the good spirit and always have a keen eye on your ultimate goal. Everybody dreams big, it’s only a few who make it to the top. Do you have it in you to be one of those few? Keep going and thank us later.


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