You will be really amazed after knowing about this new interactive robot who looks just  like a real  girl. You can have conversation with her and even ask for a selfie!!

robot girl

The robot’s name is “Jia –Jia.” According to Mail Online it has been brought up by the Chinese robotic researcher  Chen Xiaoping and his colleagues at the University of Science and Technology of China, who showcased their new Technology in Hefei , the capital of East  China’s Anhui Province .

With red cheeks , long black hair , the robot just look like a real human being. It has been designed in such a way that it has natural lip and eye movement.

This AI humanoid is the most realistic ever made claims the Chinese inventor . The robot interacted with audience  by saying “Hello Everyone, I ‘m Jia Jia. Welcome.” The robot resembles a human girl , with  flexible plastic face , long flowing brown hair and an eye-catching gold dress the robot  looked fairly realistic .

jia jia
During presenting his technology ,Ping said :
“Hello”to his robot, which immediately responded,
“Yes my lord , what can I do for you?
Robot girl

For the robot to speak and move its lips and body and show micro expressions the team worked constantly for 3 years. The robo girl can recognize human-machine interaction .Its technology is based on Cloud Technology. Though the team is still working to give the robot deep learning abilities, so that it can interact more deeply with people.

jia jia

The team’s plan is to showcase  Jia Jia round the world  to the tech experts. However , there is no revelation that what would be the robot’s main purpose though the researchers clearly told that their robot is unique and priceless will not be mass produced .

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