“If you dress good, you feel good, if you feel good, you do good.”
– Georges St-Pierre.

A very true saying indeed!  When we are dressed beautifully, we get a certain type of aura that gives us some sort of fresh energy and enthusiasm. We all want to look our best all the time, and why shouldn’t we, it’s our birth right to look chic and sassy, wherever and whenever!  Accessories are the gateway to fashion. Dressing and doing makeups not enough to get a trendy look. So we need to add some accessories with the dresses. It makes our look all unique and beautiful.

Okay, so these are top 5 perfectly worthy fashion accessories, ones which we absolutely cannot do without!

  1. Rings
    Rings are the perfect princessy accessories! They are super cute and go perfectly well with any outfit. Wear at least 2 or 3 different rings and match them according to the style you choose. There are numerous midi-rings available in the market as well these days. Popular-items-for-teenage-girl-rings
  2. Necklaces
    Necklaces add charm to the whole package. They dazzle, they are beautiful and they can be contrasting as well. Dramatic neck pieces can completely change our boring outfit into one ready-to-hit-the-floor gorgeousness! They are a huge trend as well, and evergreen. For a date night, you can stick to some single pendant pieces that add more grace to your already beautiful look.
  3. Anklets and bracelets
    Anklets and bracelets are perfect for showing off charisma. They are delicate and beautiful. Anklets are so fashionable nowadays. Many say that they are quite old fashioned and such, but my friends, old are gold and this one is platinum all the way! No matter what color or what style we choose, we are bound to be different and stylish. We can wear bracelets whenever we want to look elegant.Arm-Bracelets-2015-For-Girls-0010
  4. Bags
    Bags are the most comfortable and stylish way to carry your things gracefully. We can carry all your makeup products, cash, and other important items in our bag and carry that essentially useful item as a chic accessory as well! Be it a large tote for a day at the mall or a nice blingy clutch for that evening function to attend, we can always rely on bags to take away the problems of carrying our necessary items and to gives a complete awesome look.
  5. Shoes
    This is by far the most treasured accessory! Shoes are the heart of dressing up if clothes are the souls. They are so cute and so comfortable. Shoes are the perfect way to contrast the outfit, as a whole too.

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