To offend someone is a new trend on the internet these days. There are numerous YouTube channels, Twitter accounts, and Instagram pages which gather lots of views and likes by insulting or offending communities and celebrities. But usually, they keep ‘religions’ aside. Here comes ‘The True Shit.’

The True Shit Instagram Page Offending Religion Tomatoheart

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As written in the Instagram description above, they feel proud to offend people by insulting their religious beliefs.

Well, personally speaking, it’s okay to criticize and question each and everything in your life, but when it’s about questing other’s core belief system, you should never put it forward in an insulting or disrespectful way.

Though this Instagram page have already posted numerous religious-sentiment hurting images since it’s inception, but it came into the limelight when it shared this picture of the founder of Sikhism, Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji

The True Shit Instagram Page Guru Nanak Offending Religion Tomatoheart
Via @The_True_Shit

This image went viral within the Sikh community, and thousands of Instagrammers started blocking and reporting this profile to Facebook. They also appealed others to do so.

The well-known Punjabi Hip-Hop Singer have also appealed his followers to report this page to Facebook to remove it


This particular image has been deleted from the ‘The_True_Shit‘ Instagram profile, but the page is still active on Instagram. In fact, it has started gathering huge popularity after this controversy and has also gained thousands of new followers on Instagram within last few days.

Just to inform you again. It’s not just the Sikh religion that they are targeting; they have numerous posts offending all other religions like Hindu, Muslims, Christians, etc.

Shiva was Muslim prophet tomatoheart
Via @the_true_shit


Via The True Shit Tomatoheart
offence every religion the true shit - tomatoheart
The Truse Shit Instagram
Via thefatehchannel
Muslims in Burka have no rights tomatoheart
Via @the_true_shit

The page owner is fully aware of all these happenings. Actually, they mocked the current controversy with the following post:


God exists- tomatoheart the true shit
Via @The_True_Shit


As shown in the picture, they have gained a huge popularity after this controversy. At the time of writing this post, the number of followers reaches up to 60,500.

These guys also trolled ‘Raftaar’ in their own style.

raftaar tomatoheart


A guy named ‘Karamjit Singh’ has started a petition on Change.Org for the removal of this page and within 24 hours, it has already been signed by more than 17000 supporters. 


The True Shit Instagram Page Change-Org Petition- Tomatoheart


Karamjit Singh writes:

There is a need to delete that page because it contains inappropriate content pointing Towards Religion.It is creating wall between the peoples.He is also using vulgar words for the God of Sikh Religion .

You can also support this campaign by clicking here.

As I said earlier, this page isn’t targeting any single religion or community, and there are various posts which are logically hard-hitting, but then there are also numerous images which are pure nonsense, abusive and disrespectful.

No matter whether you are a theist or atheist but you must need to think whether you want such pages to exists on a public platform or not. Share your views in the comment section below.

Update: March 4, 2017, 9:49 AM: The Instagram Page ‘The_True_Shit’ is finally removed from Instagram

The True Shit Instagram Page - Tomatoheartremoved


Though apparently, these guys have created a new Instagram profile now with slightly different username “The_True_Shit._”


The True Shit New Page tomatoheart
Via @com/the_true_shit._

Update: March 4, 2017, 03:25 PM: The newly created Instagram page also got disabled, but it appears that these guys have lost their senses. They again created a new Instagram profile with username “the_true_.shit” but they kept is private to save it from getting disabled.

The True Shit Private Page Tomatoehart

Surprisingly, this page has gained 18000 likes within few hours.

Update: This new private instagram page has also been removed from Instagram now.

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