‘BB Ki Vines’ fame “Bhuvan Bam’ isn’t just another YouTube star of India who goes viral few times and then disappears somewhere. He is potentially different.

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Via @BBKiVines

Day before yesterday he published his Valentine Day ( or Anti-valentine? ) special video called ” Hutiya Ishq”. This video received 2 million views within 24 hours of upload. Currently, it has 3.1 million views on trending on the second position in YouTube India.

In this video, three popular characters of BB Ki Vines BB, Sameer ( or Fameer ) and Bancho are talking about their relationship issues. BB and Bancho just had a breakup. So they are trying to justify the breakup by bitching about their EXs ( or say the whole girl fraternity 🙂 ). Well, I watched this video, and it’s indeed very funny and worth watching.

The video is full of funny punches. It will remind you of ‘Pyaar Ka Punchanama.’

Let’s watch this video.

Few weeks before, ‘Bhuvan Bam becomes the first individual YouTuber from India to have 2 million subscribers ( Read more here ). The originality and the ability to connect with Indian youth is making him more and more popular everyday. His YouTube channel currently has 2.16 million subscribers.

If you loved his video, don’t forget to share it with your friends and enemies. Yes! Enemies also deserve some good laugh this valentines day. 🙂


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