We know that Chrome has its own problems but nothing like Internet Explorer and Firefox, but its’s still the best and most commonly used browser for most of the people like me and now it’s on record. According to a new data report shared by NetMarketShare,  Google Chrome has become the top browser in the world, beating out rival Internet Explorer for the first time. NetMarketShare has reported that Chrome is the undisputed winner now ( See Graph below). It controls 41.66 percent of the market whereas Internet Explorer and Microsoft’s new Edge browser collectively have 41.35 percent. Google is also planning to introduce a new Chrome design, which is said to be even more touch-friendly than ever.

google chrome vs internet explorer- tomatoheart-2

Being an avid Chrome user, you might be thinking that how could so many people (41.35%  is a big number!) still use Internet Explorer? Well, see this browser is a default one which comes pre-installed with every windows PC or laptop and windows still has 52.2% of market share as an Operating System for desktop and laptop category. Since, most of the user are either lazy, ignorance or novice to opt for the best web browser available and hence they are found using Mr. Internet Exploder ( No, it’s not a spelling mistake 🙂 )

Chrome users are really happy with this news and it’s already trending on social media. Here I am sharing 5 hilarious animated memes that depict the victory of Google Chrome over Internet Explorer in one way or other:

1. No selfie, please!
Google Chrome vs Internet Explorer Meme TomatoheartImage Source:Giphy
2. The self-destruction?
Google Chrome vs Internet Explorer Meme Tomatoheart 2Image Source:Giphy
3. Web Browser chat
Google Chrome vs Internet Explorer Meme Tomatoheart 3Image Source:Giphy
4. Was it really that sticky?
Google Chrome vs Internet Explorer Meme Tomatoheart 4Image Source: Giphy
5. The browser race.
Google Chrome Vs Internet Explorer Tomatoheart Team Image Source: Giphy

Hope you enjoyed these memes 🙂

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