Facebook opened up live video streaming to everyone just a few month before, but with over a billion daily users, it was sure to be a massive hit . Late last week an odd yet charming video stream of Candace Payne went viral when she was amusing herself by trying on a Chewbacca mask.

The Moment Of Happiness-The Texas Mom Candace Payne tomatoheart

At the time of writing this post, This video has already been viewed by 147,792,853 people, reshared by 3,287,598  people and 2,679,870 people have reacted to this video.

According to CEO Mark Zuckerberg that makes her video the most-watched Facebook Live video ever,

Let’s read his official post:

Candace Payne went live on Facebook from her car in a Texas parking lot after buying the mask last week. She was soon invited for the Monday morning appearance on ABC’s “Good Morning America.” Here is what she said on “Good Morning America” when asked why she thought her video had struck a chord.

“The world, as a whole, is in need of a good laugh,”

Let’s now watch this amazing video and watch it till the end to enjoy the Chewbacca Mom’s Infectious laugh to it’s fullest 🙂

In just one week, she is now an internet celebrity and her Facebook profile is also verified by Facebook with Blue tick mark. She is currently being followed by 736,668 people and If you also want to follow her, click this link.

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Stay Happy 🙂


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