For every girl to know that she is beautiful in her own way! Because It’s all about embracing your uniqueness and not falling prey to the pointless standards of beauty . Today a 4 minute 15 seconds video is released by Culture Machine’s YouTube channel Blush. This video named “Find Your Beautiful,” is featuring Radhika Apte. She is seen thinking that if she could give advice to her younger self, she would tell her to dismiss societal definitions of beauty and embrace her uniqueness. It challenges our stereotyped behaviour towards our own beauty and trying to define real meaning of beauty. Have a look.

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This video is currently trending on social networking sites and have gathered more than 85000 views , just on YouTube in less than 24 hours. Here is what makers have to say about this video.

“This edition of Unblushed, featuring acclaimed actor Radhika Apte, questions what is ‘normal’ or ‘acceptable’ for an Indian woman: What is a ‘normal’ body, what is an ‘acceptable’ decibel of laughter, what is ‘girl-like’ behaviour. Beautiful is messy, imperfect, ordinary and peculiar.  Beautiful, is what you decide it should be. Find, your beautiful.”

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