Cute animal videos are quite popular on video sites like Dailymotion, YouTube etc. Most of them are puppies and cats.  Some of these cats videos became so famous that their owners were approached by Big media production houses to feature them in their next Film or TV shows.

But not all cats are so fortunate to get filmed by their owners and if some of them get filmed too, it’s damn difficult to get viral. One wise and cute kitty named “Prince Michael” took this challenge to make the ultimate viral cat video and what she did is surprisingly funny and cute 🙂 Let’s watch :

Video Source : AaronsAnimals

Ha ha ha ! This video is created by a YouTube Channel called “AaronsAnimals” and ideatedby “joyreactor” as mentioned on the source YouTube Channel. I really liked this video and love to share it. How about you? Do you think this kitty succeeded in making the ultimate viral cat video? Write in the comment section.

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