The first tweet ever written on the web was this -“just setting up my twttr” . It was posted on 22 Mar 2006 at 2:20 AM by @Jack , the Co-founder and CEO of @Twitter.  But we are not asking about the first tweet but we are asking about the first tweet which has the hashtag “FirstTweet” in the tweet.

The You must have noticed that when you first signed up on Twitter, twitter gives you an option to send a default tweet  which comes with a hashtag #FirstTweet. But do you know that who was the first human who first uses this hashtag called “FirstTweet” ? Why not to show you that tweet than telling you the name. So, here is the first ever tweet with #FirstTweet.

He is @silverfuture from Berlin, Germany . But how did we find that? Hah! Actually, it was very simple . Just visit website developed by famous Indian blogger and founder of, Mr. Amit Agarwal .

First tweet

On this website, simply enter any search keywords, or even a link, and it will first tweet that contains that term. If you want to search for an exact match, use search operators or put everything in “double quotes”. So, To get the above-shown result, we wrote “#FirstTweet” in the search box and found this man.

Though, If you literally want to see the first tweet of any person with a public Twitter account, you can find it by visiting . It is an official twitter tool released in year 2014 on 8th anniversary of Twitter. You just need to go to, enter in your Twitter handle, and your first tweet will be right there for you to be embarrassed by. (If you’re already logged into Twitter, the tool will fill in your handle automatically.)

Here are few first tweets of some well-known celebrities and these tweets are not in order of their popularity 🙂

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