When was the last time when you watched TV and didn’t find any sexist or women objectifying ads in the first 30 minutes of watching TV? Don’t lie. I know it’s impossible but the  worst part is – you never felt about this. In fact, being a common full-of-men-mentality human, you actually enjoyed it  and hence they ( the advertisers and marketing guys) kept showing you such ads again and again.

But, let’s see something new. Something really weird and awkward. It’s a kind of behind the scene clips from every sexist commercial you watch daily on TV and that with a disrespect towards the makers of these ads and also towards the self, who were enjoying these ads without any discomfort.

Vir Das New Women empowerment ad for He deo tomatoheart

Vir Das, the well-known comedian, and actor took a deep dig on  modern day sexist advertising in this hilarious new video that is created in association with the “HE Deodorant”. Okay, let me simply this- Yes! It’s an ad for HE deodorant but with a totally different angle. Vir Das’s take looks refreshing stand against such meaningless objectification.

Let’s watch it:

As you just saw in this video, entertainer Vir Das through his mark method for parody and sense, ripped apart each sexist advertisement that we usually see on TV and it’s entirely spot on. Thank you Vir.

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