We all know him as The Prime Minister of India or before as the Chief Minister of Gujarat but few of those who know him closely also know that how much he loves his mother. Narendra Modi is so close to his mother that whenever he mentions his mother, he becomes fully emotional. However, ever since he became the prime minister, he gets just a little time to spend with her.

Today, he had his mother Heeraben Modi visiting him at this official Race Course Road residence, for the first time ever since he started living there. Narendra Modi is living at 7RCR course for nearly last two years. PM Modi posted some personal photographs on his social networking accounts in which he is seen showing her around his 7, Race Course Road residence.

Here is his tweet with photographs:

There are hundreds of tweets and comments on Facebook targeting and accusing Narendra Modi that all he does is just to get media attention and for the PR, but tell me how many times have you seen any national leader to come up with his/her family so openly? It’s not a hidden truth that he is a tech-savvy person and whether it’s a media house, business, startup or politics, everyone has to do PR as it’s the part of their job but if someone is doing something with pure intention and it gets appraised by the huge mass, we should appreciate it. And even if it’s being done for the attention, it’s totally fine. There is nothing wrong in it. I would love to see Mrs. Sonia Gandhi spending quality time with her mother and sisters who still live somewhere around Orbassano, Italy. ( as per Wikipedia)

In fact, it’s always on you to see things with a biased mindset or simply appreciate it the way it appears .

Again, I am neither criticizing Sonia Gandhi for not doing something similar to this or not even supporting Narendra Modi for everything that he does. But I am simply appreciating his emotional attitude towards her mother. It’s purely heart touching. Let’s see some photographs shared by Narendra Modi on Twitter with his mother.

Narendra Modi as Son Tomatoheart 2 Narendra Modi as Son Tomatoheart 2 Narendra Modi as Son Tomatoheart 3Photo Courtsey: Twitter/Narendra Modi

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