Will you envision what it would be like to capture a selfie moment from your life in the same position each day and then continue doing this not only for months but for years and years of your life?

This is the thing that it would resemble – a young fellow from Montreal has done precisely this.

Hugo Cornellier, 20, started taking a selfie of himself consistently since he was 12-years of age. The continuous venture started in 2008 and has proceeded for a long time now. Mr Cornellier has this staggering time-lapse video to show for it.

8 years of selfies

The video, shared on May 10, consolidates the a huge number of selfies taken by the software engineering and math student. It catches the adventure Mr Cornellier produced using a pre-adolescent to a 20-year-old. His video narratives the time he started dating, then separated, his initial segment time work, his first day in school, the time he got a piercing and numerous all the more such minutes that make for some lovely, some tragic recollections. He’s truly figured out how to catch every day of his life since and transformed it into a little motion picture to value for eternity.

This is what Hugo writes about his selfie time-lapse video:

“I’m so excited to finally show all of you what I’ve been working on. Stabilizing all my selfies was by far the most time-consuming personal project I have ever undertaken. I’ve had to edit, align and re-touch every single photo ONE-by-ONE. It took me about a minute per photo once I got the hang of it (and there are well over 2000 photos).”

Let’s watch this amazing video now:


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