Pokemon Go is crashing the internet these days and its not even been a week since its launch. It is this new addiction that is catching up with kids and their parents too! People are going crazy to catch ’em all!

We bring to you a list of insanely crazy facts to show how Pokemon Go is ruling the world right now-

 1. Pokemon in the battlefield- Literally. 

A soldier is never off duty and that has been very well illustrated by this US soldier who is voluntarily fighting ISIS in Iraq and took a snapshot of himself playing Pokemon in the battlefield. Baffled? So were we. It is this madness that has captured the minds of all- from Manhattan to Mumbai and California to Calcutta.  It is this picture that the soldier updated from the battle ground. We hope the little squirtle is giving him a break he deserves from the madness of the war.

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2. Big, Huge, Crazy money for Nintendo 

After releasing this game in the truly, madly, deeply in love with Pokemon world, Nintendo is surely getting the appreciation they deserve. And this appreciation is pouring in just the way they’ll like it. Since this game has become ridiculously popular, as a result the values of their shares have shot up. Therefore Nintendo’s valuation increased by a whopping $9 billion. Now that’s what you call success. Aim sky high.


3. Keeps you fit!

Needed that motivation for working out and keeping yourself fit? Pokemon Go is here to help. People are running around places to realize their childhood dreams of finding that pokemon they always wanted and this is one of the innumerable excuses they’re giving to stick to this game as long as possible. They say that the enthusiasm and the excitement to catch all the pokemons which consequently ends up in running from place to place helps them keep their selves fit. Bizarre? Anything for that Pokemon.

giphy (2)

4. Weird places, weird times.

The unpredictability and surprising elements of this game is one of the many reasons why it is trending, well, trending is an understatement for this phenomenon which is here, there and everywhere. From kitten litter to toilet seats, you can find a Pokemon anywhere! Here are some snippets from the weirdest places you can think of spotting that Pokemon you always wanted. Also, places where you probably never wanted to spot them.


Baseball anyone? 


Squirtle wants to fly with you. 


Ratata on a cat. Fearless?


Umm, Some privacy please?

5. Euro Cup, Wimbledon and Pokemon Go. 

Most of all, this craze is not geographically bound. While people from all over the world are posting updates, memes and what not dedicated solely to the game, its craze is reaching its all time high. So much so that after likes of the huge trends of Wimbledon and Euro Cup, Pokemon Go is what people are talking about. Every political, social and economical issue is now seen with a perspective of this game. Way to go Pokemons!


6. The feeling of togetherness!

Pokemon Go claims to have achieved what many messengers of peace couldn’t. It has brought the people of the world closer and generated a feeling of togetherness among people. People now are being more interactive and the motive behind all these friendships is driven by the fact that they need people to trade and share their collection of Pokemons with. So the next time you step out, you will find the world a lot more friendlier.

springbreakers dancing friends spring break springbreakers

7. Tough competition to Twitter!

Yes, you heard it right! According to Forbes, the daily active users of Pokemon Go has been increasingly exponentially and this growth rate is still on the rise. If such demand of this game continues (which most probably is going to be the case), Pokemon Go will have more daily active users than Twitter! Don’t forget, it’s been just a week since its release. So the game has begun.



8. More Technology for this technology

From Facebook to twitter, everything and everybody smells of Pokemon and this trend is only catching up with no stopping. Given its ridiculous popularity, Pokemon Go is now a fashion statement because of which everybody in the world now wants to know all about it. Its not just about memes, people are having their moments of fame by devising crazy techniques of catching Pokemons and show it off on social media. What you see in the picture below is a drone specially created to catch Pokemons! Now that is what you called #Trending.


9. Regular or Pokemon themed sir?

Local businesses are molding and shaping their businesses around the concept of Pokemons. Almost all over the world, small scale businesses are introducing Pokemon Go related schemes in addition to other discounts to attract all the crazy audience. Discount for Pokemons? Now we are talking.


10.  Just Kids? Well, the grandparents too!

Stories of parents and grandparents going gaga over this game are all over the internet! There are professionals who are getting late for work, missing assignments and what not because they were too busy playing this game. We know what the Cricket World Cup season means for Indians, well, the madness of this game in the world is nothing short of that!



Well, one thing is for sure, this insanity for the game is here to stay!

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