Childhood is that age where there are no boundaries; you can do whatever you want. Nobody is there to stop you. But an adult has so many responsibilities of himself and his family.

Do you ever feel trapped being a kid by heart in a human body? Do you also feel strange when someone asks you to behave like an adult? Do you also wish that you have never grown up? But in everyone’s life, a time arrives when we have to take some important decisions in our life when all we want is to have some fun and lie around with your mother serving you delicious food.


This is all that we called adulthood where we have to behave like an adult but deep down inside you are still that small child at heart  who always want the largest portion of the delicious food.

If you agree with one of the signs given below then you will get to know that you are among those people who are still a child trapped in an adult body.

1Taking naps is your favourite past time.


2You guys always want the biggest portion of the meals.


3You love to watch animated movies.


4Instead of getting bored with adults, you prefer playing with kids.


5You still actually play with supermarket trollies.


6Birthdays and Christmas presents still make you feel out of the world.


7Playing with Bubble wrap still makes you happy.


8Farting and general toilet humour still seem to be funny.


9 You are still a candy lover.


10You are very bad at saving money.


11Cooking is not your cup of tea.


12“Duh!” is your all-time favourite word.


13Making big life-related decisions are just not for you.

 I don't care

14Sometimes you feel too young to live in your own house.

i don't want to grow up

15You add Cheese in almost everything you eat.



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