That dark brown layer of chocolate on a bread, dripping from the side, with a lot of icing and chocolates surrounding it. Yummy, isn’t it ?

I know chocolate cake is always yummy. Chocolate cake is something that can light up your mood. It is one of the best things that ever happened to human beings. There are many people who love to have chocolate cake but due to “calories ” they avoid to have it every time. Instead, they try to control their temptation .

But there is a good news for such people. Now all the chocolate cake lovers out there can have it anytime even during breakfast also. Want to know how? Check this out.


Recently a new research came out that was based on what are the health benefits of eating chocolate cake for breakfast.  A scientist at Syracuse University in New York recently carried out a large-scale study of 968 people in which he made a group of people aged 23 to 98 and their dietary habits were same.

This experiment proved that chocolate has a direct effect on our cognitive performance, and consuming it can actually improve your memory and helps in developing our abstract thinking. It also helps in reducing your waistline.


Dr. Daniel Jakubowicz who is known as a bestseller for the book  “The Big Breakfast Diet” explains why it is good to have chocolate cake very early morning? He says,

As you wake up your brain needs energy and this is the time of the day when your body converts food into energy.  After that, when you consume chocolate cake , your body and brain become active and sharper respectively and thus start collecting the energy from food which gets deposited in form of fat in your body, due to which a person start gaining more fat.  Other then that eating chocolate can even help you to control the craving for the sugary stuff.

chocolate cake

According to Jakubowicz , people who eat carbohydrates,  proteins and a 600 calorie dessert lose more weight than those who consume 300 calories for breakfast at a later time in the day.

People who ate huge breakfast with dessert usually they have lower levels of the hunger hormone as ”Ghrelin” and fewer food cravings as compared to those who ate small breakfast without dessert.

chocolate cake

We got this point that chocolate cake or chocolate is good for your health but how? What’s the reason behind this?


Reasons, Flavonoid is a nutrient which is present in cocoa beans and  is commonly found in plant-based foods. It represents up to 20% of the compounds present in cocoa beans. Tea, Red Wine and Fruits like Grapes and Apples, are such things in which flavonoid is present in high amount.

Also, it keeps high blood pressure down and reduces the blood’s ability to clot, as a result the risk of stroke and heart attacks may be reduced. And if your chocolate contains more concentrated cocoa nothing like it.

Flavonoids not only keep your heart healthy but also make blood platelets less sticky and able to clot, as a result, chocolates and chocolate cakes are great for you.


So all the girls who really want to lose weight and want to get that perfect waist grab that piece of chocolate or chocolate cake, don’t worry just go for it without giving a second thought why? you know it , right.

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