She’ll break and shatter and will be in pieces. She’ll try to get herself back together and then fail miserably. She’ll walk a mile and then feel tired to an extent that she’ll end up crying. There are a lot of things that a girl goes through after she breaks up. Ever thought about the things that go a long way with her?


Go through the article below to know what she’ll never forget about him even after the breakup:

1. His talks.

Yes, that is one of the most important things that keeps recollecting in her brain again and again. She tries to divert her mind in several ways but ends up crying over a word said to her by her younger sibling which had earlier been ‘his’ pet word.

His talks.

2. The night romance.

She tosses and turns to grab some sleep at 10 pm itself. She has no one to talk to, at night, and so why should she? But those late night imaginations where she’d be sitting next to ‘him’ on a sea shore, keeps popping in her mind, now and again.

The night romance.

3. Places.

And when she roams around in her very own city, she gets reminded of those many times when they’d sneak out together to hang out somewhere, for some time. She might just end up crying on the mere essence of a flower which would bring back memories of the roses that he used to give her.


   4. Gifts.

Another big thing that does not let her move on, are those numerous cards and gifts that she’d have collected over time, on birthdays and anniversaries.


5. Social Media.

She opens her Facebook account and goes through those various comments which he might have written in order to see her smile or just-like-that. Stalking is yet another reason why she is unable to forget him.

Social Media.

6. Birth dates and anniversaries.

Dates are one thing she’d have never forgotten. So how could she forget them now? She has even memorized the number plate of his bike, so don’t you think remembering dates isn’t that big an issue?


7. Messages.

Those long messages when she’d be away for a while and he’d miss her or the short ones and one-liners when he’d be angry; how could she forget his texting style and the messages which she’d intended to keep with her, forever?


8. Do’s and don’t’s.

What about the things that he’d disliked? And the ones that he loved? Like the times when she’d get a picture clicked with her male friend and he would get angry or the time when she’d kiss him out of the blue and he’d kiss her back to express his love for her. How will she ever be able to forget these?

Do's and Don't's.

9. Fragrance.

She’ll always turn around to check on the person who’d have put on his perfume. Why not? Is that not what she had liked the most about him? In fact, that was one of those several things why she was attracted to him!


10. His voice.

That heavy note with a slightly boyish tinge, and that laugh which could make the birds sing along; is something that she’d ever forget? And when she would hear someone even close to what he sounded like, she’d walk up to to that very person to check if that’s ‘him’.

His voice.

11. Holding hands.

His touch! How romantic that used to be! Times when they used to sit together in cafe’s   and restaurants where he used to hold her hands just to show that he cared. How will she ever be able to let go of those memories?

Holding Hands.

Is there anything that I am missing. Please let me know in the comment section below.


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