10 Unknown People Behind Well Known Famous Voices.

You’ve heard them while walking in stations or award shows or even flipping through channel ads. You know what this is about. About those guys who used to voice that thing. Confused?Take a look at some of the unknown faces behind famous voices that we’ve all heard and loved.

1. Don LaFontaine

More popularly known as the ‘Voice of God’ or ‘Thunder Throat,’ Don LaFontaine is the man behind millions of movie trailers and T.V. spots from the 80’s and 90’s. Think about trailers with the opening voice over going “In a world..” or “One man…”. Sadly, he passed away in 2008, and his voice work was referenced in countless Hollywood outlets.

2. Shammi Narang

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For the people who’ve spent a great deal watching DoorDarshan, they are very familiar with Shammi Narang. And for those who’ve spent hours traveling in any metro station in India, they would know him even better. “Agla Station Rajiv Chowk Hai, Darwaje daayin ore khulenge”. Ring a bell? He’s the voice behind the Hindi announcer and her DoorDarshan contemporary Rini Simon Khanna provided the voice for the English announcer.

3. Joe Cipriano

A broadcaster who started as a voice-over actor for radio and television commercials. His voice caught the attention of studio network executives. He later gained popularity as the voice behind numerous award shows for Fox and NBC.

4. Atul Kapoor

Ever wondered about what Big Boss would turn into if the celebrities never started another World War everyday. Or what about the iconic voice? And the faceless celebrity who keeps hounding the house members with instructions. He’s the man behind the serious, businessman like the voice that leaves audiences captivated. Many attribute the series’ popularity to his majestic voice over.

5. Susan Bennett

Apple made a huge leap in voice recognition through the I-Phone with the introduction of Siri. The story goes that software company ScanSoft was in need of an artist for a speech construction program. Due to their scheduled artist being absent Susan was selected through GM Voices. She worked four hours each day spanning a month, recording phrases, sentences, nd words.

6. Jane Barbe

The ‘Telephone Lady’ whose voice probably remains etched in the memories of every person young and old. She was a copywriter by profession. By 1963, she started recording messages for announcing time,   temperature,weather and early voice-mails. She then joined AT & T working alongside another faceless voice artist Pat Fleet who took over her role.

7. Piyush Pandey

Belonging to the advertising company Ogilvy and Mather, he is considered to be one of the greatest voice over artist in Indian advertising. Ads for SBI Life Insurance, Mentos, Asian Paints and Fevicol are just a few examples of speeches that he has tailored. Remember the words “Dimaag ki batti jala de”?

8. Richa Nigam

Seen as the ‘frog in the family’ due to her grainy and husky voice but still found popularity elsewhere. She provided her voice work for Surf Excel’s ‘Daag Achche Hain’ campaign for over a decade.And that’s just a small testimony to her presence in the Indian ad scene.

9. Harish Bhimani


The epic voice from the television series of the Hindu epic Mahabharata which captured the memories of Indian children and adults alike. Remember the age old defining dialogue-“Mai Samay Hoon”. Not to forget the various instruction voice overs on Indian flights.

10. Andrew Anthony

If you’ve ever stumbled upon a video game by Electronic Arts, there’s one thing you would notice. As the screen flashes to display the EA logo, a voice in the background goes “EA SPORTS. IT’S IN THE GAME!”. He is responsible for that very dialogue that just screams with energetic competitiveness and anger.


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