Every one of us as children must have heard a lot many scary ghost stories. These haunted stories still scare us in our dreams. If this is not enough to beleive then let us tell you about some best-haunted places on earth that would really give you that real jolt.

Drowne yourself in a pure hair-raising experience on most haunted places in the world.

Today we give you a list of the 10 most haunted places in the world. Read only if you have  brave heart boasting hard of your fearless spirits!

1. Akogihara Japan-


Mt. FujiIt’s the house upon which the movie, Amityville horror was based is a scary place where the souls of the dead call out to people passing along the jungle and invite them to join !




This place is Japan’s most popular destination for souls is the Akogihara jungle in Japan which is located just at the foot of the Mt. Fuji Mountain the place where people come to commit suicides, so much that the local authorities yearly clean up to get rid of those dead bodies lying in the so-called graveyard which was  officially  stopped releasing from the jungle fearing that it would affect the tourist attraction that is Mt. FujiIt’

So the story related to the house is that it belonged to Ronald Defoe Jr. who shot and killed his father , mother, two brothers and sisters. The reason for the massacre are still unknown.


2. Monte Cristo – New South Wales, Austraila-


A spirit lingers in the mansion  and passes by could hear shrills and weeping of a woman.




Monte Christo mansion is recalled by travelers as a place which shouldn’t even haunt the memories. As per people’s version the owner of this mansion – Mrs. Crawley  locked herself up after her husband’s death and never came out in the rest 23 years of her life except for once and died.

People who visit the mansion get suffocated as if some spirit is trying to press in them. They get the respite of the shackles only when they come out. Instances have also been cited of people turning blue.


3. Ohio University , Athens America-


This is surely a university you would never want to go .Ohio University is known in state folklore as the most haunted college campus with a large number of places on campus are said to be haunted.



Ohio is one of the most haunted places in the world according to The British Society for Psychical Research . The campus is surrounded by five cemeteries that form a pentagram , the administrative building is in the center of the devil sign.

The catacombs present in  Jefferson Hall, where lots of people claim to have ghost sightings .

4. Changi Beach , Singapore-


 Horrifying headless bodies of Chinese soldiers has been found by combers and strange crying and screaming are reported by people at the Changi beach at night.




Changi Beach in Singapore is the ultimate one. The Changi beach in Singapore was popular killing place of the Chinese soldiers by the Japanese during world war -Two. Many Chinese soldiers and killed and tortured being suspected by the Japanese

This beach stands witness to the killing of many innocent Chinese. Often at night combers thronging to this place could hear the screams and weeping of people and sometimes a deep dig pit as that needed for burials of dead bodies

5. Screaming Tunnel , Niagara fall, Ontario –


You can see the flame go up and hear a girl’s scream ,all you need to do is visit this place at midnight!



One of Niagara Falls most enduring legends -The haunting of the Screaming Tunnel .The tunnel runs under the  track of railway that link Niagara Falls to Toronto and New York City. The flame will go out and a girl  screams will be heard if you light a match according to local legend,standing in the middle of the dark tunnel at midnight .


6. Bhangarh Fort/ Kila –


This is the called most haunting place in India where no house is built with a rooftop and if you dare , the roof  will collapse on its own!




Bhangarh Fort is located on the way to Alwar and Jaipur in Rajasthan ,India. As per a legend, there existed Singhia -a black magic sorcerer who cursed the residents of the palace that they all would not die naturally and will have an unnatural death and the fort will be haunted place by their spirits forever.

This fort would really freak any living mortal. The village households found here are without roofs as there persists a popular belief that whenever a rooftop is built on a house it collapses.

No one is allowed to  spend the night in the fort, for many  obvious reasons. There has been a notice put up by The government of India and the archaeological department hsaying that staying in the fort after sunset is prohibited. People who visit this place experience anxiety and restlessness. It’s  said that anybody who has been to this place after dusk never comes back !


7. Highgate Cemetery  , North London , England –


By night, Highgate Cemetery is like something out of a horror movie. Crooked gravestones, headless angles covered in ivy, dark overgrown passages between the tombs, it’s  no wonder this is Britain is number-one ghost spot in the United Kingdom.



Despite it is a chilling surroundings, by day Highgate Cemetery shows some of the Britain is most spectacular Gothic architecture, offers fascinating guided tours. It is also the burial place of Karl Marx.

This is just like watching a horror flick of Alfred Hitchcock in reality. By the time dusk settles down the ultimate horror environment can be seen . It  is one ideal place for ghost hunters. Unmanaged grass pavements , statues ,creaky pathways and lest we forget the typical hooting of owls. Still one cannot ignore the Gothic architecture, beautiful serene ambiance and lest we forget the shivery silence which overrules the entire arena!


8. Waverly hill sanatorium, Kentucky USA-


Whether you believe in ghosts or not, a trip to the Waverly hill sanatorium, Kentucky -‘The Death Tunnel, will be an unsettling experience.




With over 63,000 deaths in the sanatorium, there is no doubt that this place is haunted. Waverly hill sanatorium  was built for the transport of supplies for the but was also used for the transport of the dead.

With the ghost stories becoming prominent, it is also called “the death tunnel”.  People have reported seeing spirit of a young girl who was seen playing hide and seek with trespassers the floor,  a little boy – Bobby playing with his leather ball, of rooms lighting up though there was no power in the building, of doors slamming, disembodied voices, a hearse driving up and dropping off coffins, and an old woman running from the front door with her wrists bleeding screaming: “Help me!”.


9. 112 ocean avenue, Amityville, USA-


You may hear doors slamming or dragging and dropping of things in your bedroom  if you plan to live in this house in the USA.




On December 23rd, 1975 Family of George and Kathy Lutz moved to this place with their 3 children. Father Ray  came to bless the house and told them about the weird feeling he got there.They heard loud sounds coming from the basement and main floor, doors would and slamall over the house, the kids’ beds were dragged across their rooms n the last night, levitated in the air and then dropped and the parents couldn’t move from their beds at all. As soon as they got released, they fled from the house never to return.

The house is still for sale or rent; if anyone is interested please feel free to have a go.


10. The Schooner Hotel, UK-


The receiver of the most haunted place in the United Kingdom award, the visitors  have claimed around 3000 ghosts sightings  .



People claim to have heard whispers, scream and knock  doors. The hotel is open for overnight stays even today , so if by chance you happen to try your luck, don’t hesitate to stay in room no. 17 and 28, two of the most prominent visiting places for the spirits.


Well, this all sounds to be so horrifying and weird so now all those daredevils out there pack your stuff and visit  these places to test the existence and genuineness of the evident truth or may be a myth!


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