Imagine if you could give a name to something so complex yet commonly experienced. There are times in life when we go through experiences and stories that unfold in the strangest of ways.


‘The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows’ has the answers to these undertakings by making videos and framing words that describe such obscurity. The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows is a compilation of invented words written by John Koenig.

1 Onism


The awareness of how little of the world you’ll experience.

2 Koinophobia


The fear that you’ve lived an ordinary life.



The feeling that time just keeps going faster as we age.



The strange feeling of being stuck on earth and realizing that you’re going to be here forever.



The fear that you’ve become a constant reflection of your character and are no longer able to change.



The jaw-dropping realization that everyone, no matter how big or small in your life, has a life with its own story.



The fear your actions won’t mean much because everything has already been done at some point in time.

8Nodus Tollens


When it dawns upon a person that his or her life doesn’t make sense anymore despite being on track.



A nostalgia not for a time that you were a part of. But a yearning for one where you weren’t even alive or born.



As time ages, only fragments of the past are left and we realize the awareness of how only a few days are memorable.



The shock you experience when discovering an unknown vulnerability in other people.



The belligerent tension arising when staring deeply into someone’s eyes.


When you dwell on past events that are unchangeable but the meaning of those events change when you ponder about them deeply.

14 Avenoir


The intense wish to go through the future and experience life backwards.

15 Dès Vu


The sudden awareness that all that will be left of any present experience is nothing but a memory.

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