If you’re looking for reasons to binge watch any show as long as it blows your mind, then Mr.Robot is the answer. The highly acclaimed series returns for a second season this July 13 hacking further into the developments from the previous season.

But if you’re still feeling doubtful, here are five solid reasons to watch out for this gem of a show.
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 1. It’s well in touch with the current world:

As the social divide between the rich and poor becomes a steaming issue among people all over the world, it’s fun to see a show that’s not afraid to spill the truth. And with a major world corporation as the main antagonist, you’ll be left questioning whether you’re watching something fictional or real.

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 2. A star-studded cast and a whole lot of eye candy:

There’s no shortage of veteran actors and artists here. And packed with some wonderfully saucy dialogue, there are enough pretty faces to make every guy’s and gal’s jaw drop. Rami Malek, the frontman, along with some noted names like Carly Chaikin, Martin Wallstrom, Christian Slater and Portia DoubleDay.

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3. All the online, none of the offline:

Ever felt a gaping feeling that people have lost touch? Like your friends only remember you by your online profile and not your face. Ever felt lonely and afraid of a world where everything gives you anxiety? Then this is the show for you. The protagonist’s apathy and sympathy are sure to connect with audiences no matter where they’re from.

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 4. The creators love the show and the fanbase:

So much so that they already leaked the season premiere on twitter. You’ve gotta love fan servicing. It appeared online a few hours ago with a masked figure disrupting a live Facebook Q&A with its creators. “You deserve something new, something unexpected, something you’ve never seen before,” the figure said, before playing the episode for people watching live.

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5. A proper mix of all genres:

The show may be described as a Fight Club-esque  psychological thriller, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There’s a witty mix of cross-cultural humor that takes punches at almost everything. U.S.A.,commercialism,hacking, internet, security. But the show has its moments where the fun mixes well with the drama. And some scenes will leave you wondering whether the people on screen are even supposed to be trusted.

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So put your tin-foil hats on, learn the hack slang. Gear up for a spectacle of a show you’ll never ever forget. So great that you’ll be wishing for a memory remover so that you can it all over again. And if you’re feeling paranoid or feel like bringing down a global corporation while watching, just take it as an invitation:-


Here is the link to the second season promo. BE WARNED. There’s no turning back once you go in.

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