Well, there have been loads of crisis going on regarding the value of education in recent years. Youth is most inspired by their favorite Bollywood celebrities. So these highly educated Bollywood stars might make you love them more and make you realize what all education can make you! ( List is not in any order )

1. Amitabh Bachchan

This legend gracing the screens since long had no plans to become an actor in his early years. He took education seriously and did his graduation from Sherwood College in Nainital. Like he never stops doing great films, he didn’t stop studying and did double major in science and arts from Kirorimal College. He also has an honorary doctorate degree from Queensland University in Australia.

Amitabh bachchan
2. Parineeti Chopra

This bubbly girl had her first preference to become an investment banker and so she did triple Honours degree in Business, Finance and Economics from the Manchester Business School in England. See where this genius ishaqzade girl has reached now.

pariniti chopra
3. Shahrukh Khan

In such list it is very obligated to mention the king khan of Bollywood. He completed his graduation from Hansraj College, Delhi and then got admission in Jamia Millia Islamia for masters in mass communication. He didn’t complete his master and hit the big screens. But he did learn acting in Delhi’s Theater Action Group as well as National School of Drama which makes him what he is now.


shahrukh khan
4. Vidya Balan

The Dirty picture seductress or the “Oola laa laa” girl always dreamt of becoming an actor but also realized the importance of education. She got a bachelor’s degree in sociology from St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai and then pursued Masters Degree from Mumbai University. Now these are achievements. Right?

vidya balan
5. Ranbir Kapoor

He does not have a great educational qualification like others on the list but he surely did a course which is close to pursuing his dream. He is a college dropout from HR College, Mumbai but he pursued acting course from one of the best college Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute in New York. We got to see the heartthrob sooner than later.

ranbir kapoor
6. John Abraham

Behind that dashing look and hot body also lies an intellectual brain. He would be in media planning if he hadn’t explored the world of films and modeling. He studied bachelors in economics from Bombay Scottish, Mumbai and later pursued MBA from Mumbai educational Trust. The lad is truly a surprise package.

john abraham
7. Sonam Kapoor

The fashionista and one of the gems of Bollywood are often seen expressing her views on social political debates. Well, the reason behind this is surely the degrees she attained. She did her pre-university education from the United World College of South East Asia, Singapore and then achieved a Bachelors degree in Economics and Political Science from the University of East London. Glam doll is far ahead of the just pretty face.

sonam kapoor
So next time before you bunk a class for a movie, remember that education could make you share the big screen with your favorite celebs. 🙂

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