Hi, love.

I know you are doing fine cause it’s just last night that we had a long chat on WhatsApp. But, that’s not what I wanted to ask here, in this letter. There is something more serene, grave, that I wanted to discuss with you.

Things You should know before marring a girl like me tomato heart tomatoheart-2

You already know that I love you and I know that you do too. We need not go through that “I love you” session again.

But what about the future? We’re getting married, right? Yes, of course. That is one reason why we are here today, together, like never before. So, now I think, is the right time to discuss the cons of it as we’ve already talked about the pros’ over and over again.

Let me dissect the matter enough to make you face the reality.

Darling, things are not always the way we imagine them to be. And by the time we realize this very fact, it’s way too late. Late enough to part ways and walk out from the very bond that we created together.You must be thinking about those stupid questions that I used to ask you every now and then. Aren’t you? But this time, it’s different.

Think about the things that I’m going to mention in the paragraph below. Maybe then you’ll perceive my point of view.

There’ll be times when I’ll be messed up. Hair disheveled, no makeup and I’d be in bed the entire day, not wanting to get up. Would you still love me?

Someday I might get extremely irritating, would fight on even the smallest of issues. Would you then hold me in your arms and tell me how much you love me?

When we’ll have a huge fight and won’t be talking to each other for two days in a row, will you come up to me, tell me it’s okay and wrap me in the warmth of your arms?

What about my fight with my mother-in-law? What if we land up in a disagreement and I do not listen to either of you even if I know I am wrong? Will you calm me down then and try to explain the situation to me and bring me to terms with it?

Times when I’ll be too engrossed in books and wouldn’t want to talk to you, will you let me do that quietly instead of poking me every other minute? Maybe you’ll have a strong desire for sex and I’ll refuse just because I am not willing for it. Will you understand me then, let me be on my own and not force me into it?

Then will come days when I’ll be too lazy to brush my teeth and too adamant to get dressed. Will you still love me in that not-so-cool, haphazard state?

And finally, we’ll grow old, someday. Lovingly or not, we’ll be there, together. I might develop Alzheimer’s and then would tend to forget things every other day. I may wake up one day and not recognize you at all. Will you sit with me, remind me of the times that we’ve spent together, and repeatedly tell me that you love me?

Or will you get tired of all these and give up on me?

You need to know me before you decide to marry me. It’s difficult to handle me. I do not even understand myself at times.

I love you.

But I do not want to be a burden on anyone I marry.

Yours till you want her to be,
Your Girlfriend.

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