Arunabh Kumar, The Viral Fever’s former CEO, after being stuck in a frenzy of controversies, stepped down to make way for Dhawal Gusain to lead the company as the new CEO. The resignation was made online and has put the Indian internet space in a buzz over the replacement.

Here are few lesser known things to know about Dhawal Gusain

1.  He was born on June 24, 1983, and spent his early life in the R.K. Puram region.

Dhawal Gusain TVF New CEO The Viral Fever 4

2.  Dhawal Gusain has been functioning behind the scenes as the COO of The Viral Fever   ( aka TVF) since 2015. He has spent several years holding managerial and marketing positions.
Dhawal Gusain TVF New CEO The Viral Fever -6
Courtesy: TVF
3. He holds a Bachelor’s in Chemical Engineering from IIT Kharagpur and was a close contemporary to former CEO Arunabh Kumar who had also studied at the same place.
Dhawal Gusain - Arunabh Kumar TVF Ex CEO Molesation
4. Before joining TVF, Dhawal Gusain had roles in companies like Hindustan Unilever Limited and PwC’s Strategy.
Dhawal Gusain TVF New CEO The Viral Fever -7
Via @AsianTVAwards
5. His roles have even stretched till Silicon Valley, having worked for various startups and computer oriented groups.
Dhawal Gusain TVF New CEO The Viral Fever -3
Via Economictimes
6. He was the brainchild behind the company’s shift to a cloud-based platform ‘Brightcove’ from Youtube.
“As with most media start-ups in India, we initially hosted our videos on YouTube. As our video libraries grew, we required a more sophisticated, robust and scalable video streaming platform that would enable us to manage our own distribution channel and support a long-term monetization strategy. For these reasons, Brightcove became an easy choice.”
7. He is a huge supporter of sharing over the top content(OTT) and believes that content creators should take use of platforms like Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram.
8. Dhawal also has an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business which he completed it in the year 2010.
Dhawal Gusain TVF New CEO The Viral Fever
Via @Brightcove
9. As Vice-President, he worked for two years with the Silicon Valley startup DropThought. Starting from 2013, the company produced applications to collect and analyze user sentiments and provide useful feedbacks.

10. He resides in Mumbai but has a long list of visited places to his experience such as Brazil and San Francisco.
Dhawal Gusain TVF New CEO
Via [email protected]
11. His work has attracted considerable attention, even receiving endorsements from John Rhodes Executive Director, Commercial Banking, Strategy & Process Improvement (S&PI) at JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Dhawal Gusain TVF New CEO The Viral Fever

12. Dhawal isn’t very active on the public social media platform like Facebook and Twitter. He currently has only 34 followers on Twitter ( at the time of publishing this article ). He last tweet was posted on 8 September 2014. His Facebook Posts are mostly private. Though his LinkedIn Profile appears to be managed properly.

Dhawal Gusain TVF New CEO The Viral Fever -5
Pic Courtesy: @vikrampkumar ( Facebook )

His journey as the CEO of The Viral Fever has just started.

We, at Tomatoheart, wish him all the best to continue the great legacy of Mr. Arunabh Kumar, the founder, and ex-CEO of The Viral Fever.

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