You all know that this year’s IPL trophy belongs to the Sunrisers Hyderabad , who secured their first Indian Premier League title after a win over Royal Challengers Bangalore. While RCB played really well and indeed gave mature competition to the Sunrisers, but it was Hyderabad who totally deserved to win.

But apart from the sunrisers’ glory, there was someone else too, who totally deserved the attention of the Indian crowd . Yes! We are talking about Radha Kapoor, the charming lady who lit up the 2016 award ceremony. But there were many other charming , beautiful women during the award ceremony, then why are we talking only about this woman and why you should even care to read about her. Well! Maybe you didn’t recognize her, but you should definitely know her.

Here we have listed Top 10 lesser known facts about this beautiful and graceful, Radha Kapoor :

 1. She is the eldest amongst three daughters of the founder, MD, and CEO of YES Bank, Mr. Rana Kapoor. Her Mother, Bindu is a Homemaker, and her two Sisters – Raakhe is graduated from Wharton, U-Penn, Philadelphia and her youngest sister Roshni is now studying Business Management at the Warwick Business School, UK.
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Radha Kapoor’s father is the founder and CEO of Yes Bank,  India’s 5th largest and fastest growing private bank. So, she has the entrepreneurial mindset in her genes.

 2. She joined fine arts studies at the Parsons School of Design and after completing it , she moved back to India to  start something of her own.
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 3. She’s the one who brought NYC’s iconic Parsons School of Design to India.  The Indian School Of Design and Innovation (ISDI) is in Mumbai.
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 4. Radha Kapoor is  the founder of WPP School of Communication, which is India’s first professional three-year undergraduate program based on a work-study model. It was inaugurated by WPP CEO Sir Martin Sorrell along with its inaugural batch of 60 students.
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 5. She formed a partnership with Microsoft Ventures to set up a Creative Accelerator Program to promote innovation and tech startups in design.
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 6.  She is highly active in working with underprivileged women. She also empowers them through vocational training .
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 7.  In 2009 Radha launched DO IT CREATIONS as a holding umbrella company to conceptualize and promote new creative and innovative concepts. DO IT CREATIONS recently acquired a majority stake in ‘Business World’, resulting in Radha joining the magazine’s board.
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 8. She runs a co-working space named “Awfis. It’s one-of-a-kind “Uber for commercial real estate” to empower aspiring entrepreneurs. In its first year of operation in Mumbai, Delhi, and Bengaluru, Awfis has added 1,500 seats and have plans to grow to 10,000 by the end of 2016.
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 9. She is the proud owner of the Pro Kabaddi League franchise Dabang Delhi.
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 10. Radha is also on the YNG Board (YPO NEXT GENERATION) as Education Chair. Along with having a stake in the Pro Kabaddi League, as the owner of the Delhi franchise, she also owns the Mumbai franchise of India Hockey League.
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