There are people in the world who want peace and quiet, a house, a family and regular 9-5 job in their life. There is nothing wrong with this lifestyle, yet there are many people that dream of pursuing a less conventional life. But if you are one of that person who wants to be free- spirited and want to move away from the regular conventional careers and want to make your life in some unconventional careers than there is a way to fulfil your dreams and passions.

unconventional careers

If you are in a 9-5 job and wish to make your work a play thing and want to follow your dreams, there is a way! Find out what type of unconventional careers you can have and see where your passion lies. Not only these unconventional careers help you to accomplish your dreams but also pay you back with great money and memories.

Here we have mentioned 21 unconventional careers which are totally loved by people all around the world.



Photography is becoming the next best career these days. Most of the people are interested in this field and it not only allows you to visit new places but also make you learn the hardships of life sometimes. You can get your pictures being published in a magazine or on a site which is like an icing on the cake!!


If you love gardening and like the smell of wet soil then becoming a horticulturist is the best thing in your life. You not only plant a new life but also increase the life of others.

3Travel Jockey

There are people who love to travel a lot and thus being a travel jockey is the best thing in their life. They get to travel various places and this helps them to see new sights and get a lot of experience and memories for a lifetime!!

4Fashion Blogger

There are people who are crazy about fashion. Becoming a fashion blogger is such a thing that helps them to spread their craziness to other people also. They write about the latest trend and give their expert fashion opinions.

5Make- up Artist

Love doing make-up for others? This unconventional career is the best for the people who love to try every cosmetic product. They can even start to write their own blog and write a review on the product.


Music is something that can be defined by an extremely attractive lifestyle. If you have money to chase your dream then this might be your next career move. Playing the guitar late at the night in a dark bar or a pub and doing a lot of experimentation with your music and style is what a lot of guitarist experience when they are starting off.

7Wine Taster

Imagine, you want to taste every type of wine which is available and you don’t have money to do that! Then this type of unconventional career is the perfect option for all those wine lovers. You get to taste the most expensive wines in the world just for free and even get paid for it. Isn’t it amazing.??


If you are thinking of making this as your unconventional career then you might want to know about the pros and cons in this field. To have an unconventional career in writing you must never give up. One of the advantages of being a writer is you get to meet many interesting people in your way. You come to know about various other things and learn a lot from other writers.

9Disc Jockey

One of the coolest unconventional career choices is to go for being a disk jockey. DJ’s are something that people love and get the crowd moving with their intuitive beats and also enjoy the nightlife scene while drinking, smoking. By being a DJ you get to hear the newest music first. You can get to hear all the latest tunes, mixes, and industry news before anybody else. You will be able to impress your friends and get them to hear all the new stuff.

10Hotel Reviewer

This unconventional career is the best career for the people who love to live in hotels and want to visit the very damn expensive hotel in the world. By being a hotel reviewer you get to stay in all those dreams hotels you always wanted to stay in without spending a single penny!!


Dancing is such type of unconventional career choice which can be applied to many industries. One of the main benefits of being a dancer is that you can keep fit at the same time as doing the thing you love. Dancing can be a career for men as well. As it is less popular with the male gender, you have less competition and more demand. Thus you have various forms of dancing and you can choose any of them and can follow your dreams.

12Paradise Island Caretaker

Do you remember the job hiring campaign that went viral? It was for this same position on Hamilton Island on The Great Barrier Reef. The job requires the person to relax and enjoy his/her experience and at the same time blog about their experiences on the island.

13Waterslide Tester

This unconventional career is best for the people who love to go on all the waterslides available to them and want to try all these slides. If you are one of them then this is the perfect job you can go in for. You get to test all the waterslides and even get paid for it without spending your own money!!

14Professional Zombie

If you are that kind of a person that loves to scare the heck out of people then this is the job you should land into. Become a professional zombie at The London Dungeons and look like a dead person every day in your work uniform. Isn’t it something that everyone wants to do??

15Tour Guide

If you love travelling then this might be the best unconventional career choice to go for. It isn’t easy but can take you to places which will provide you with a lifetime experience. An incentive of being a tour guide is when you love to travel. To be a tour guide in foreign countries, you must know about all the countries formal regulations for this type of work.


There are people who love to have a great dietary plan for them and want to improve the dietary plans of others. This is the job you can work on and can change the poor eating habits of many people!!

17Warcraft Game Tester

If you love playing the Warcraft game and regard yourself as an expert in the game, then why not get paid for it. Companies are offering various jobs of being a game tester, why not become one??

18Couture Designer

It is one of the most glamorous profession’s these days. If you love to design your own dress and want the world to wear them then become a couture designer. But the only problem in this field is the survival factor i.e. survival of the fittest. It is a very promising industry and gives you a lot of fame and money.

19Food Explorer

Love eating food? Why not become a food explorer for a company. This job will leave you to taste varieties of different and exotic food around the globe without you being paying for them and instead getting money in return.


Do you love mountains? If yes, then you need to give precedence to your heart and listen to what it says. Become a mountaineer as mountains provide a tranquil, calm and exhilarating experience. All the adventure lovers out there, Gear up to tackle up with the beauty of the mountains!!


Bartending can be a mind boggling job for some people. For others, it can be a big mistake. Before you choose to bartend as your career, learn that people would expect you to know about all the drinks, how they taste and what would it feel like to drink it.

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