GIRLS! Till now B-Town celebs must have been your fashion inspiration but its high time now to follow these fashion bloggers to upgrade your style statements. The best thing about these bloggers is that their dressing is conversational as they share their outfit details.


Here is a list of 10 super voguish fashion bloggers to up your style game.

1. Thatbohogirl

Kritika Khurana from Thatbohogirl is a fashion blogger with the highest number of followers on Instagram. The Boho Blogger hails from Delhi and is a graduate in fashion designing. She loves everything bohemian and tries to infuse this in every outfit of hers. She and her sister also run a fashion label called The Hype.

2. LaChicaLoca

Aakriti Rana from LaChicaLoca is another top rated fashion blogger with 232k+ followers on Instagram. She has the spark to make the heads turn with her style. She also runs a youtube channel “Pretty little things” with her best friend and blogger Shaurya Sandhya.

3. Mehak Ghai

Mehak Ghai is a young fashion and beauty blogger from Delhi. She can style anything with everything. She gives every girl an inspiration to carry up the chic street style with dignity.

4. LoveAndOtherBugs

LoveAndOtherBugs has evolved from two girls playing dress-up Shereen Sikka and Kayaan. They love to experiment with their style keeping their looks super wearable by a girl next door.

5. FashionBombay

This blog is a collaboration of two colleagues-turned-best-friends Sonu Bohra and Jasleen Gupta. They add Indian fusion to their western outfits which dazzle up their style statement to next level.

6. TheStyledge

Santoshi Shetty from TheStyledge is an architecture student and blogger. The best part of her blog is the lookbook section where you can find some eccentric styles to add to your wardrobe.

7. Deeksha Khurana

Deeksha Khurana is a young passionate fashion blogger. She can take millions of heart away with her up-to-the-minute style statements. For those of you who aren’t aware, she is Kritika’s sister.Follow her to know more about her voguish style.

8. StreakHueFall

Kavya D’Souza from StreakHueFall is a fashion,beauty, and personal style blogger who is enjoying a growing fan base. Her blog is an online diary of personal style,beauty and makeup hauls and styling projects.

9. TheF-Drug

Shivani Patil from Mumbai is an enthusiastic blogger whose dressing is simple yet stylish. One can truly say’simplicity at its best’ by looking at her pictures.

10. TheCollegeCouture

Komal Pandey from TheCollegeCouture is a personal style and beauty blogger from New Delhi. Her style statement is bizarre as she plays more with nomadic and hippie style which makes her stand out in the crowd. She works at PopXo.

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