Ever since its release on September 7, 2016, iPhone 7 is garnering mockery from all quarters. The hilarious iPhone 7 jokes are trending these days and have taken the Internet by storm. Take a moment and rejuvenate your senses with these humorous jokes making rounds on social media platforms.

1And the ‘Feature Removing’ saga goes on and on


2A serious cause of concern for Introverts


3Not the cup of tea for a lazy ass

4 Poor Jack! History repeats itself

5Good old times when headphones used to save the day for us

6This DIY AirPods tutorial is brilliant

7 Apple needs to hire this guy

8How can one overlook these features!

9Well that sums it up pretty well

For the new iPhone 7 with no headphone jack


10Leave no stone unturned!


12iPhone lovers are quite adaptable


13Well that’s an exhaustive list

14That’s the birthright of every headphone

15Searching Air Pods be like


17I hope they are delicious


18Dreams do come true

19That surely would have helped

20That uncanny resemblance to a hair dryer

21Saving the best for the last

Watch this humorous video which showcases how an honest iPhone 7 announcement should have been made.




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