In this world of cut-throat competition, only the fittest survive. To strike a perfect work-life balance is indeed a challenging manoeuvre. While you cannot stretch the day to include extra hours, you can surely utilize the interstices in between the work, to get the odds in your favor any day. Here are top 21 Tips on Time Management that are proven to turn the clock back!

turn the clock back


1. Well begun is half the work done

It is a quintessential proverb in the context of time management by Aristotle.  Begin the task at hand by putting your best foot forward. Eventually, the task will get easier to work at and will be completed in a much shorter span of time.


2. Important tasks first

Taking too many tasks in hand at a time befuddles the brain that consequently leads to loss of concentration. To avoid getting stressed at work, learn to prioritize things. Take up the urgent tasks at first, accomplish them with utmost dedication and then move towards the tasks of next higher priority. This way the tasks all the tasks can be dealt with smoothly and without compromising with your precious time.

3. Don’t ditch sleep

Sleep plays an indispensable role when it comes to staying healthy and alert. Needless to say, work done without concentration is an overstretched  waste of time. Have ample sleep every night to stay focused and nimble while at work.

4. Maintain a to-do list

Our brain works with speed and accuracy, only when it is free from undue concerns. Maintaining a to-do list at work helps to clear off all the clutter from the brain. Relying solely upon your brain to remind you about all the tasks to be done simply overburdens it and reduces its efficiency.

5. Concentration is the key element

A task done with a deep concentration not only produces quality output but also cut shorts the time required to finish it. It renders a feeling of accomplishment and motivates one to excel at work.


6. Overlap tasks to cut off the waiting period for the next task

The tasks which do not require much concentration or presence of mind can be overlapped to save time for other activities. For example, while waiting for your turn in a queue, you can plan your future events and create a work plan in your mind.


7. Keep It Simple Silly! 

Don’t be bogged down by unnecessary details while at a task as they only consume your precious time. Understand the task well and eliminate the unwanted elements right away to expedite your tasks.

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