Salman Khan, You Don’t Deserve My Love nor This Nation – Say These People from Dehradun

Salman Khan has been blindly idolized by his fans over these years despite his felonies. Everyone tries to be in his good books and turn a blind eye to all his misdemeanors. During numerous occasions in the past, Salman Khan has always been in news for all bad reasons.

Despite his star status, he loves to make outrageous and insensitive remarks against women, he carries weapons illegally, kills endangered animals, kills people on the footpath, ends the careers of his opponents, etc. His fan following is actually a bandwagon of his blind followers in disguise, who are ever ready to forgive him for all his flaws.

salman khan

Being inhuman

Finally, these people from Dehradun, UK07 FILMS, put on a brave front and decided to openly boycott Salman Khan. They are just a handful of people but reserve enough potential to scar the facade of Salman Khan a little, if not huge.


They have resolved to put an end to his ‘Bhaigiri’. They won’t forgive him for his egregious and recurrent mistakes. They won’t  promote him by buying his movie tickets. This video carries a strong message to the society and is truly an eye opener for us all.

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