Johnny Depp’s Penthouse in Los Angeles is up for sale. The fascinating design and captivating ambiance will leave you drooling for it. The intricate furniture and tapestries in the penthouse qualify it as an astounding piece of art. The penthouse seems to be a reflection of Johnny Depp with its unique theme and aura.

Let’s have a picture tour of the most captivating corners of the penthouse.

The vibrant dining area

Johnny Depp

The dining area is encased by colorful walls which carry the family photographs, framed art, paintings, and murals. The ebullient choice of colors is an instant mood lifter.


The sophisticated study area

Johnny Depp

The study area emanates peaceful and comfortable vibes. The striking color theme adds a sophisticated touch.


The beautiful lobby area adorned with artistic chandeliers

Johnny Depp

The design of the lobby area is cool and beautiful with minimalistic furniture. The two beautiful overhanging chandeliers add to its glory.

The spellbinding ambiance of the master bedroom

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp

The contrasting color theme and the elegant accessories, make the master bedroom a perfect treat to the eyes.


The shiny and stylish kitchen area

Johnny Depp

The metallic look and feel of the kitchen impart it a very shiny and stylish ambiance.


The hugely comfortable leisure room

Johnny Depp

The comfortable furniture and peaceful aura make it a perfect leisure room.


The greenery-infused terrace area

Johnny Depp

The penthouse has a terrace garden whose greenery emanates freshness and coolness.

The intricately designed living room

Johnny Depp

The highly accessorized yet stylish living room is another key area of the penthouse.


The Antique theme of the bar outside the kitchen

Johnny Depp

The retro-themed accessories and decoration of the bar just outside the kitchen is amazing.


Here comes another artistic kitchen area

Johnny Depp

The impeccable design and aura of this kitchen will surely remind you of your favorite restaurant.


The opulent bath area

Johnny Depp

A luxury house is just incomplete without a luxury bath area.


The elegant pool on the terrace 

Johnny Depp

The cool and refreshing pool on the terrace is the perfect icing on the cake.

The amazing and artistic layout of the penthouse must have inspired you with some serious house goals. If you are a lover of art, you must be having a hard time resisting the urge to own this penthouse. Well, this dream house is available for $12.7 Million and is already attracting eyeballs worldwide. After all, the art-inspired penthouse of Johnny Depp is too mesmerizing to keep our eyes off it.

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