Tomatoheart is just 2 months old startup by a Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra Alumni, Mr. Nitesh Manav , started in May 2016. This is an Ahmedabad based newly established digital publishing company which aims to be a well-known platform for the young creative writers where they can brush up their charismatic writing skills and build their own brand to finally get the fame, money, and exposure they deserve.
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Tomatoheart is an ideal platform for people like me who possess a flair for writing and are looking for opportunities to learn and earn in the free time of vacations.

why tomatoheart tomato heart

Here are a few reasons why I chose to work for Tomato heart while knowing it’s just a 2 months old startup.

1. Opportunity to learn from a Pro

learn from a pro

Mr. Nitesh Manav is a proficient tutor with an illustrious work experience. He has also worked  with an online digital entertainment channel TVF Qtiyapa, which is hugely popular among youngsters. At Tomato heart, he is a pro in creating viral content, which is significant for the popularity of a website. In my internship so far at Tomato heart, I have learned many valuable tips in this regard.

2. The Startup Advantage


One of the major advantages of working with start-ups is the fact that start-up employees can catapult themselves to the top easily if they spend time learning, growing and adding value to the company while at large companies it can take 20, 30 or even 40 years to work your way to the top.

3. Every intern gets personal attention 


Every intern gets personal attention at Tomato heart. The intern is kept updated on the progress he/she is making in the internship, with detailed points for his/her improvement. Tutorials are provided to understand the basics of viral content writing, Social marketing, WordPress based website etc.

4. Quick resolution of queries


The queries of interns are resolved in a matter of seconds at Tomato heart by the efficient startup Team.

5. 24*7 availability of tutor


Mr. Nitesh Manav and his team are easy to approach on WhatsApp, Facebook or e-mail at any hour of the day.

6. Work on the trending news and stay updated


At Tomato heart, interns are encouraged to take up latest topics trending worldwide. Authors get to work on curated stories based on trending news, listicles, photo-stories, humor stuff, politics, Bollywood, sports updates, video posting etc.

7. Help in self-promotion, branding and exposure of authors.


At Tomato heart, authors are helped in their self-promotion, branding, and exposure. Click here to know how.

8. AdSense Revenue Sharing Program


At Tomato heart, an author will get 55% of the Adsense Revenue generated by their posts. Also, top 20% of the best performing authors will get 70% share in spite of the regular 55% of the Adsense revenue generated by their posts.Follow this link to know more.

9. Perks


An intern is conferred with the following benefits for an internship at Tomato heart:

  • Flexible work hours.
  • Certificate of Internship Completion.
  • Letter of Recommendation.
  • LinkedIn Recommendation
  • Tomatoheart Author T-shirt
  • Stipend.
  • Informal dress code.
  • 55% share of the AdSense revenue generated from the author’s post.
  • Branding and exposure of the author.

10. Plenty of work opportunities


Tomato heart is very active in providing internship opportunities through popular platforms like Internshala and Letsintern.

You can easily work from home for virtual internships. Very soon, Tomato heart will roll out internships for the post of Social Media Manager. Also, the next round of virtual content writing internships at Tomato heart will be held in October 2016.

Stay in contact for further queries.

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