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Do You Remember the Good Old Days of Romance?

The days when going for a walk in a park, sitting hand in hand , enjoying the rain and sharing a cup of tea was what defined the word romance in its truest sense. We are almost forgetting the days when a boy had to wait for days just to get a glimpse of his beloved. Long gone are the days of love letters and chivalrous romance.

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 Today’s Mobile Dating

Dating in the present days is mobile in every sense of the word.

online dating -2

We are so comfortable in the world of our mobile that we forget that a life exists even outside our mobile screen. Our phone has now become the most important site of romance and dating.

Why is Online Dating increasing day by day?

In the society of Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and snap chat, love is expressed more on the virtual platform , than in reality. People forget to say a simple I love you to their beloved when they meet, but will surely remember to celebrate their 3 months anniversary on Facebook.

The expression of love now simply has turned to any other Facebook notification.


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What is Tinder?
Tinder-Dating-App tomatoheart

A new craze in the name of Tinder has taken it’s toll on the romance of this generation. Acquiring a date has now become as simple as a flip of the finger.We search for nearby eligible candidates in Tinder and bingo! we have a new date for the weekend. There are others sites also like Badoo, Truly Madly, Mingle2 etc that manage to satisfy the youth of India equally.

Intimacy has now turned into sex chat

The warm intimacy shared by lovers in hidden corners of libraries,in shady corners of trees ,has now just become a matter of clicking and sharing pics. Sex chat is the new trendy thing. Virtual sex has really become a matter of great importance for this young generation.

Whatsapp messages or a skype video call are now enough to give a person that sexual high, that he or she needs after a tiring and frustrating day.


Is the True Love era coming to an end?

Is the complex modern society daily wiping away the traces of true love from the face of this earth? Are we really too tired to come out from the virtual world of love making, and go out for a simple walk with our beloved? Don’t you think that the fresh air may be able to revive those long-lost romantic days again for us? It is very worrying that in our race towards success, we are daily moving away from  love.

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This generation is slowly forgetting the meaning of the word love. Dating has now taken over love, courting has now been replaced with casual flirtings and love making has now taken the form of  virtual sex.

The future of romance doesn’t look very healthy. But still there are hopefully a handful of people who still believe in Eric Segal’s Love Story, and let’s hope that these few people go on loving in their old fashioned way.

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