Everybody makes mistakes. Everybody has those days. Whether it’s one of those days (or weeks) where your car breaks down, some weird brown gunk gets in your pants from the subway, your sink gets clogged, you mess up at work, you just have to breathe and figure out what’s going to make your day end on a positive note. Sometimes you just need to jump on your couch or get under your comforter and munch on some chocolate or anything you love. Whether it’s a belly laugh, a smile, a chuckle, or a giggle, there’s nothing better than a movie that will lift your spirits.

Check out some of the best movies to watch when you’re in need to feel great about life!

1. Queen

Even if you’ve watched it already, it won’t fail to lift up your spirits a second or a third time. There is nothing that warms our hearts more than watching the very innocent Queen on her honeymoon alone, and finding herself on that journey.

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2. Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

Oh, the name says it all! This movie will put you into action immediately, making you want to ‘seize the day’ and make something great out of it – even if it’s only calling that old friend you haven’t heard from in ages.

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3. Chillar Party

Can anything be better than re-visiting your childhood days, and the many, many amazing moments that so many of us have forgotten in our fast-paced lives? The love for pets, friendship, the faith of a child and super funny moments – this movie will move you and make you laugh, and will linger in your mind for a long while.

4. Despicable Me

Minions are all that one needs after a long, tired day. Their many quirks, along with those pretty little girls who win the hearts of the big villain – dancing and playing and saving the world is all you need to bring a smile to your face and restore faith in all things good.

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5. Sex And The City

Oh, when Carrie Bradshaw talks about the lives and struggles of four women. It’s fun, it’s scandalous and it’s super relatable. Watch this one for the little lessons in life Carrie leaves you with. And oh yeah, those dresses too.

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6. Kung Fu Panda

If you need to restore a little faith in yourself and want to believe in the power that each of us holds within – this panda will do that for you, as he does it for himself.

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7. Dum Laga Ke Haisha

A rom-com about the marriage between a chubby girl and a lean boy, and how they accept each other and fall in love. The typical family setting of an arranged marriage and the many quirks of the characters will keep cracking you up throughout the movie.

8. Andaz Apna Apna

Some think it as the funniest comedy movie ever made in the history of Indian cinema. And rightfully so – you’ve got to watch it, agree or disagree!

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9. Up

This is one movie that will make you shed as many happy tears as sad ones. It’s about finding joy when you thought none was possible. An old man and a little boy set out on an adventure – flown up by millions of balloons. Need to say more?

10. How To Train Your Dragon

There is something so magical, fascinating and yet so real about this one, that you won’t even notice the moment when you too fall in love with dragons and wish you had them too!

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11. 3 Idiots

Set in a typical Indian engineering college, this movie not only takes us into the life of a student but friendships that one forms then, the struggles one fights, the beliefs one keeps and challenges one overcomes – to truly be the best version of oneself.

12. Letters To Juliet

If you’re an old school romantic at heart, this movie with its beautiful setting and soothing music will touch your heart. It will make you sing and dance to a beautiful tune.

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13. Little Manhattan

First love! And the many things it makes us do – this movie will take you back to those days and leave you with a sweet lingering memory.




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