We tend to incline ourselves towards our first love. Haven’t we all read it in those romantic novels about how first love is unforgettable and irreplaceable?

But why do we still cling to it even after getting a major setback from that very person who was assumed to be our soulmate, forever?

First Love Lost Love Second Relationship

The thing about relationships is simple. You are either in it completely or not at all. You can nowhere be in the middle and then make decisions or come to conclusions. If you keep recalling things about your ex, who not only left

If you keep recalling things about your ex, who not only left you but has probably even moved on with him/her self or with a new partner; then how are you supposed to look ahead into this new relationship, the second person, that you’ve just started dating?

It isn’t easy. But in that case, nothing is easy. We all have to change our lives according to the situations that we face. Your ex might have been a wonderful person who’d do anything for you or in the other case, might have been a person who wouldn’t even bother about your existence.

But wait! Does that matter now? No efforts from your end will bring him back, you are well aware of this fact. Then why do you just don’t stop thinking and re-thinking about him/her?

Forget Ex.

Life is all about moving on with the memories we collect and a fresh hope of living better ones the next day. Getting along with your second partner, is in itself, a whole big thing. It’s like getting married again. You have to look into his/her likes and dislikes and the things that you must avoid around them.

It is a full time job! You have to give yourself completely, yet again, to live your life peacefully. You just cannot keep jumping and relating things with your ex which would not only create serious complications but may also result in a major break off.

Second Relationship.

Life is short. And again, it’s up to us totally, about the ways in which we handle it. So, let’s just think about the pros with our current partner and make ends meet.

Let’s just keep the past aside and focus on the present cause that is what’ll make our lives change for the better.

In the end, we all want to stay happy. Isn’t it?

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