There are so many beauty and style hacks discussed in various lifestyle blogs, but most of them are strictly subjected to women.  Men have struggles too, but be it lack of time, stress, sleepless hours or maybe just laziness, apparently they do not take much care of beauty and style things.

Infact, We all want to look top notch with the least effort. 

Life is very hard, and it costs both time and money to look our best every day. Style hacks have always been a stereotype of women. It is basically because there is a broad range of variety in fashion and beauty for females. But when it comes down to men, there comes a stagnant point at some time or the other. But just as human we are men too do strike days of a rut. So there is an easy way of doing things, men are always interested. I mean come on we all know that quite well!

Here have listed 7 easy hacks to save some of your valuable minutes:

1. While wearing a white shirt.

When dressed in a white shirt undershirt of the same color usually show through but wearing a gray undershirt makes it typically less visible as it closely matches the skin tone.

style hacks on white shirt

2. Rotate.

Not only is wearing the same thing day in and day out is terminally boring, but it is also bad for your clothing’s lifespan too. Leaving a day or so between wearing your favorite pair of brogues or that trusty white T-shirt allows them to absorb perspiration and dry thoroughly. Fail to do this and your footwear’s shape warps, while your T-shirts quickly acquire that pungent fragrance, you’ll never quite be able to wash out

shoe style

3. Fix Creases with just Ice cubes.

Never find the time to iron your shirt? Not a problem, there are other ways to get rid of those creases. Toss in two to three cubes of ice in the dryer the next time you dry your shirt. Once the ice cubes melt to steam, the dryer’s hot, moist air relaxes creases, leaving your shirt smooth and fresh.

dewrinkle with ice

4. Use Moisturiser instead of Hair Gel.

Since your usual style doesn’t require a firm hold, try using some moisturizer to shape your hair and keep it smooth and less frizzy. A generous pea-sized amount rubbed between your palms will suffice enough to get those ladies drooling over you.


5. Rid Red Wine stains

Polish it off with a shot of clear vodka while gently daubing with a paper towel or cloth and watch the stain disappear. Red wine anthocyanins (the pigments that make it red) alcohol soluble, which means the color dissolves into the strong stuff instead of your shirt.


6. Honey, you shrunk your clothes?

If you discover your clothing has dramatically shrunk, do the following to prevent it. Fill a bucket with lukewarm water and mix in a tablespoon of hair conditioner (or baby shampoo) for every liter of water used. Soak your shrunken items in the solution for about 30 minutes. Remove it and gently dry your clothing without rinsing. Place your items on a towel and gently stretch them back to its original shape. TaDaa! Magic.

shrunk and unshrunk clothes

7. Are bobbles wrecking those warm clothes? Put a stop to it.

Sweater Stones are amazing. Only stroke this pumice-like lifesaver gently over your pilling pieces and see the finish of your jumpers, jacket collars and cuffs instantly renewed. These are easily available on priced at different rates which can be a pocket pinch, but they are worth it.

sweater stone

Do try these simple hacks, and if you have any other in mind, please leave a note of it below in the comment box. Live well!

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  1. Hi Zeza

    Great article!

    In relation to the undershirts hack, I am the founder of a recent start-up that sells invisible undershirts for men. Although I agree grey is a better colour than white, I have designed my company’s undershirts with a beige colour to reduce the contrast even further. Feel free to check them out –


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