Fitness today has become a fashion trend and having abs is like a cherry on top. Milind Soman is giving us new fitness goals this time. The model who turned into an “endurance athlete” is an unbeatable inspiration. Only last year he completed the world’s toughest triathlon – the Ironman. After achieving this, running long distances is like child’s play to him.

He showed his disposition for fitness again by starting a barefoot running from Ahmedabad to Mumbai. The distance to cover is whooping 527 kilometers  
India has already doffed the hat to this athlete for completing the triathlon. During that he completed a course of a 3.8-km swim, an 180.2-km cycle ride and a 42.2-km run in just over 15 hours.

Milind has mentioned in an interview given to HT about how much he loves to run, 

There are two reasons why I, a national-level swimmer, have become so enamoured of running. The first is logical: running and walking are natural ways to keep fit; also the easiest and most convenient”

He further said.

“But the other reason is that, even when I was a child, I wanted to run a marathon. And when the annual Mumbai marathon started in 2004, I knew I had to take part. There was no way that I could not run a marathon in my own city. So I took part in the half marathon with Gul Panag, and I was hooked. I had an amazing feeling of achievement after that 21km run – it’s actually quite a distance! But I trained for three-four months, and found it very easy.”

Out of his goal to cover 527 kilometeres this time, actor already completed 130 kilometeres in the first two days. He doesnt take a car ride or even a bicycle. It is just his barefoot and his desire to complete this ditance. Even the bad weather and humidity could stop this athlete.

A video showing how much he was sweating.


We give our best wishes to him and may he continue to inspire us always.

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