Gemstones have been considered a beautiful creation of nature since time immemorial. Gemstones not only look gorgeous and attractive but also play a significant role in one’s life. They have powerful properties to attract positive vibes from across the universe. So, let’s get into this article to explore more about these tiny yet so precious gemstones.





It is the stone of intellectual enhancement and successful love. For all those who are little dicey about their love life can say hello to this stone for success in their love life.  It also attracts energies that help in making one’s mindset strong and helps in increasing focus.  The green colour of the stone helps in soothing the mind and retains its freshness. It has also been found effective in treating claustrophobia.



Diamond, the hardest substance known is the stone of innocence, purity,  strength, faithfulness, love and clarity. The planet Venus rules this precious gemstone. Diamond has the power to attract energies thus giving strength and victory to its owner. It brings positivity in life. The most effective diamond is the one which is transparent and does not have cracks in it.


Ruby, the red stone is influenced by Sun. It symbolises love, power, and fame. It is also used to attain lucid dreams. It brings romance in the love life. The red colour of the stone helps in improving the oxygen carrying capacity of blood. It protects its wearer from all the negative energies  keeping the body energetic and balanced.


The blue colour sapphire is the stone of loyalty, trust, destiny and prosperity.  It helps the wearer to discover truth thus protecting him from any mislead or treachery. It helps in gaining self-confidence and brings immense good fortune to the wearer if it suits him/her. Sapphires are available in different colours but an ideal one is the deep dark blue one. This stone is also worn by Bollywood legend Mr Amitabh Bachchan for good fortune.


This gemstone is ruled by shadow planet Rahu.  Hessonite is said to be beneficial in fulfilment of ambitions. It helps the wearer recognise his/her virtues and thus helps in the speedy establishment of goals. It is also used to cure cancer, multiple personality disorders, and other diseases and is strong stone to keep the evil spirits away.


This rare stone found only at the foothills of Mt. Kilimanjaro(Tanzania) is also known as magic stone as it is helpful in spiritual understanding and psychic insight. Natural tanzanite has strong metaphysical properties. The high radiations emerging out of this stone makes the heart and mind active and leads to spiritual stability.


Turquoise is one of the most ancient gems and was used as a medium of exchange for native American tribes in the southwestern US. It is believed that this stone gives enormous strength to a warrior or a hunter. It is believed that turquoise takes on the characteristics of the wearer and thus is very personal to him/her. It helps in building muscular and mental strength.


The planet Jupiter is the ruler of this gemstone.  Topaz is believed to bring good fortune. If one sees a topaz in his/her dream than it signifies the arrival of good luck. It is also said to govern one’s appetite. People who desire to put on some weight can wear this stone. It also brings harmony.


Opal is also known as the eye stone was believed to grant the power of invisibility when wrapped in a bay leaf and carried in the hand. One can keep this stone while going to a dangerous place as it is also considered to be a protective stone. Opal is a stone that absorbs light and reflects it back in the same way it absorbs all the negative vibes and reflects them back thus protecting the wearer from all sort of negativity.


One of the unique gemstone born out of the sea and not the depths of the earth is considered to be a symbol of feminine wisdom, purity, and spiritual transformation. Pearls were considered very valuable and the entire era of the 16th century of England is named after it as “pearl age”.  Pearls are known for their calming and soothing effects keeping the mind sound and serene.

This article is for knowledge purpose only please refer to an astrologer before wearing any of the above-mentioned gemstones.

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