The bond between two siblings is the most unique and exciting bond that can be shared with a family. Your sibling enables you to survive through all the situations which otherwise could have made your life like hell.

Tomatoheart brings to you the most real list of those amazing reasons for the younger one which will make you realise, how lucky you are to be the younger sibling!

1You have a wingman. Always.

You do not have to even ask for it and your siblings are there to help you fix your love life. First of all, they are experienced and they know what works. Siblings help, advice and suggest you in a way better than all others. They will look at you and understand what the problem is. The best part? They always have a solution.

2You can do blunders and get away with it easily.

Other than your own self, you have one more person trying to save your ass. Literally, all the time. From school work to all the other things you screwed up with, your sibling will always be there for you. They will talk for you and get you out of the mess you have created. Almost always.siblings

3You are more loved, logically.

Apart from your parents, you also have your sibling to shower all that love on you. From the little things to the big ones, you will always be the first priority. Your parents will ask for you first. So does your sibling. So technically, you are the one who is more loved. And by a number of people. Get happy.

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4You have a living personal diary.

Everybody needs a person they can talk to. At the end of the day, you need somebody who can just sit and listen to all your problems. A tank where you can dump all your thoughts. So yes, because you have an elder sibling, you can trust them and talk to them.

5You have a best friend for the rest of your life.

You do not have to look for the company for anything. Party? Shopping? Or just chilling out? You always have a buddy who will give you company. The cherry on the cake is, you don’t even have to pay at times. As a result, you always have a best friend when you are in need.

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6Responsibility? What’s that?

The majority of the responsibility and expectations automatically get shifted to the shoulders of your elder sibling. Since it is taken for granted that you are not old enough for them, no matter how old in reality you are. So it is always going to be this case for you, responsibility? What’s that?

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7You just have to learn, the suffering is not for you.

You have a living example of things you do not have to do. You call them your sibling. In the process of growing up, they face a lot of situations which you would never want to. Their experience and advice help you in getting away.

8You do have a bouncer to protect you from all those tough times.

Remember those days of childhood when you engaged yourself in a spat and started to loose out. The only person you could think of at that time is none other than your sibling. You can call them to places where your parents will never interfere. You will always be the boss in your little group. Why? Because they know you have a sibling at home who can break their jaws if they mess with you?

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9You know what is trending before anybody else does.

You always end up being the coolest kid of the gang because you know what songs are trending, which is the best party place and which movie to go for! How? Because your sibling told you. And they can never be wrong with this. Therefore, you are the person with the coolest updates of the world.

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10You always get to choose.

Everybody knows that you are the younger one and it you are not supposed to be wise. You can cry and get stubborn. Hence, if you want something, you will get it. However, for the elder ones, they are always asked to act maturely and understand things. You will get options, they always manage with the leftovers. Probably always. zoella zoe sugg zoella280390 im done with you my first time

11Underage? Don’t worry. You sibling will take care of that.

Finally, the best part about having an elder sibling is that they let you have fun which you never thought of. From experiencing what consuming alcohol feels like to driving for the first time, they will always be there for things you wish to do, even though a little early. They will never stop you because they have been there.

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We hope you feel blessed to read out this list if you are the younger one. We also hope you felt almost as jealous because you’re the elder one. Write down your comments below if you have anything to share with us! 

Featured image: Melanie DeFazio