We are the slaves of our habits. Good or bad, conscious or unconscious, our habits play an important role in shaping our personality, impacting our decisions and success in life. While good habits are extremely rewarding, the unconscious bad ones are treacherous.

A habit is something you can do without thinking – which is why most of us have so many of them.” ~Frank Howard Clark


Read below and discover how many of these bad work habits you may have developed unconsciously.

1Resisting the Changes

As they say, “Change is the only constant“. Being resistant to change implies thwarting our own opportunities to improvement. We often go so deep in our comfort zone, that we fear working out of it. The fear and insecurity of being left behind in the crowd by not adapting to the change can be overcome by taking a chance and embracing the change.

2Isolating Yourself

People who are workaholics, often immerse themselves so much in their work that they distance themselves from others. They often overlook the significance of congeniality and teamwork. This way, they end up carrying a gauche appearance which is detrimental to their personality and growth opportunities.


3Avoiding Work

We often underestimate our potential and avoid work thinking that we may not be able to give our best at it. Also, we lose our chance to others thinking that they may do justice to the work. Often we tend to hide this habit of underestimating our potential behind our generosity. It curbs the chances of our learning and growth.


4Being Negative

Pessimistic attitude is highly contagious. It creates a vicious trap to which the insecure people fall prey. Pessimism closes gates to the potential opportunities waiting for us. Being negative is the best favor you can do your competitors and foes.


5Gossiping Around

A gossipmonger is never regarded with esteem by his fellow workers. Such a person lack empathy and derives pleasure by spreading gossip and rumours about others. They also waste a great deal of their precious time in such unproductive tasks. This trait is not at all conducive to a good work culture in an organization.


6Procrastinating to the Limits

Geeting overly involved with personal phone calls, taking long breaks, surfing the Internet for passing the time, etc., during the work time shatters our productivity. We feel anxious and helpless to see the work piling up after every passing day. In the end, we may either quit ungracefully or submit incomplete or poor quality work. It brings forth immense remorse and tramples our self-confidence.


7Being Disorganized

A chaotic work space is never conducive to productivity. Scattered surroundings fill the mind with unnecessary clutter which costs our precious work time. Clean and organized surroundings protect the mind from feeling overwhelmed and frustrated.


8Being Excessively Introvert or Extrovert

We should not resort to the extremes of behavior at the workplace. We should strive to be ambivert and adapt to changes as and when required.


9Always Taking Things Personally

We should learn to take things in our stride by not getting affected by harmless criticism or negative feedback. Rather, we should regard the criticism as an opportunity to grow, learn and improve and not to pity ourselves.


10Being Sluggish

We should be active and properly dressed up in our workplace. It not only enhances our personality and aura but also sends out good vibes to others. Lazy and unkempt workers are totally an eyesore to the onlookers.

You may have discovered the bad work habits you developed unconsciously over years. It’s time to make amends and change for the better.

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