UPSC topper from Delhi, Tina Dabi, has been standing out as truly newsworthy since news of her topping the exams for the Civil Services Emerged, given she’s the first ever person from SC/ST Category to do so. People wants to know about her as much as they can and this the gives bumper rise in the number of people who are searching for the term “Tina Dabi” on various social media sites or search engines.

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In fact, just when I decided to write this story, I did a quick search on Facebook with the search term ” Tina Dabi” . See what I found:

Tina Dabi Quick search on Facebook Tomatoheart

According to Facebook, 62,597 people are talking about Tina Dabi in the real time. Now, whether it’s a business or publication industry, if there is a demand, there must be someone to supply too. Hence, there are hundreds of creepy people who are ready to serve other news-hungry people with biased or completely wrong information so that they can spread their agendas to a wider audience.

In just a few week, hundreds of Fake profiles and pages have been made, all representing Tina Dabi on Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Notice pages in the screenshot. There are some pages which have more than 10,000 likes and these are all fake. Just think about the bad social impact it can create with just one wrong/biased post through these fake profiles or pages.

One of the posts put up on a fake profile of Tina Dabi read, “I know who has been inspiring me and he is our PM, Narendra Modi.” The post further goes on to say, “I am a great admirer of Baba Saheb (Ambedkar)…but he had never supported ‘Reservation’.”
Now, it may appear a good n thought-provoking post but it’s a fake post. As per my current knowledge, The real Facebook Profile of Tina Dabi is this. She currently has 594 friends and more than 12500 followers. Here is the screenshot of the apparently the real Facebook Profile of her.

Tina Dabi Real Facebook Page TomatoheartShe wrote her latest post on Monday, 16th May 2016 that clearly suggests that she is well aware of all these fake social accounts.

She writes:

“It has come to my notice that some anti-social elements have made around 35 fake Facebook profiles and pages under my name and are posting obnoxious statements posing as me. I want to clarify that none of the ridiculous statements being made under my name are my opinions”

She further added that this was quite heartbreaking.

“Its really heartbreaking for me to see that a few anti-social elements can’t even allow a simple girl who has done hard work to remain in peace.”

Read her entire post here:
The facebook page which I referred as the real profile page of her is based on numerous articles and posts shared by many big publications. Though I am surprised to notice that why she has used such a low-resolution pic. for the cover page, when even I have the high-resolution version of the same image. ( Check the first image under this article ).  If you are really interested in her posts, follow her through her personal facebook profile using this

Anyway, If you are really interested in her real posts, follow her through her personal facebook profile using this link. and yes, since there is no publically available option to send a friend request. So, don’t waste your time searching for that 🙂

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