“Kriti”, a short-film directed by Shirish Kunder is trending since it was uploaded on YouTube. It has received rave reviews from Critics as well as viewers for the amazing storyline, acting and direction.  Everything was going well with this film until yesterday when an amateur film-maker from Nepal claimed that this film is a copy of his short-film “Bob” which he had first released on Vimeo in October 2015 ( but only for the close friends)

Shirish Kunder Kriti Vs Nepal Film Bob Tomatoheart Tomato Heart

Aneel Neupane, a young film-maker from Nepal made this video available for “public viewing” on May 12, 2016, using the YouTube platform. According to him, It has only 3033 views till yesterday. He has all reasons to be sad, angry and frustrated and of course he was, but only till yesterday!

Do you want to know why?

To know the reason, let’s look at his recent Facebook status update:

Though Filmmaker Shirish Kunder has rubbished the claims that his short film “Kriti” is a copy of Nepali short Film “Bob”, but the voice of this guy is being heard all over the world and he is getting huge media coverage by big media agencies from across the world. He has received a lot of support messages and feedback from people who has viewed his video.


At the time of writing this post, this short film has more than 37,215 views on YouTube. Don’ forget that just a few hours before , it had only 3033 views.

Though, saying “thanks” to Shirish was certainly a sarcastic comment but whether you like it or not, this controversy has really helped him to gain a “well-deserving” publicity as well as popularity.

Aneel has also posted some photographs of the first draft of his short film “Bob” dated 2015-03-27 along with the storyboard , equipment lists and costs for making “BOB”

Now, we have no idea if Aneel’s claim is true or not, but one thing is very sure from his comments that his story is genuine for sure. He has put tireless efforts to make this video and hence deserves all appreciation for it.

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